How Does Coronary Heart Disease Affect The Body

As more people become aware of just how widespread heart conditions really are, as well as how deadly they can be, topics like how does coronary heart disease affect the body will continue to garner more attention. Here are a few quick numbers for you to drive home this point. This year over 1 million Americans will have a heart attack, of those half will die. This number accounts for 1 out of every 5 deaths caused by all diseases. Also, it is estimated that 41 million women in America have heart disease, debunking the myth that it is primarily a condition that affects men.

But how does coronary artery disease affect the body?

For me this has always been a fascinating topic. When I was a kid I used to see a lot of men over 40 who showed many of the symptoms of coronary artery disease such as excessive sweating, shortness of breath, occasional lapses in mental clarity, chest and back pain, and numbness in their legs, arms, and fingers. At the time I had no idea what I was observing and simply thought this was a natural part of getting older.

Popular At Home Tooth Whitening Methods

There are many popular at home tooth whitening methods that are currently used by people around the world to whiten teeth naturally. These procedures are both cost effective, easy to use and generally safe alternatives to professional teeth whitening systems. Our Natural Teeth Whitening Secrets Guide already suggests the top 3 natural ways to whiten teeth, but there is still a long list of ways to whiten teeth that appeal to many users for various reason. While cost is an important reason for using alternative ways to make teeth white, many users have opted for at home tooth whitening methods that use less harsh chemicals.

Most alternative procedures to whiten teeth require ingredients found in the kitchen or medicine cabinet. Other ingredients can be found at a grocery store or health food store since a few of the ingredients for some at home tooth whitening methods can be a bit unusual. Listed below are several more of the most popular procedures used to whiten teeth at home.

Sea Salt: Sea salt is used quite effectively by itself or in combination with baking soda as one of the more popular at home tooth whitening methods. Table salt does not work as well as sea salt because it is generally finer grained. Contrary to what a user might assume, the rougher grained sea salt is not overly abrasive to teeth nor harmful. Not only is this solution good for whitening teeth, but also for killing bacteria that can compromise gum health. Using this method 2 or 3 times a week can be a good way to both make teeth white as well as maintain gum health.

Importance Of Healthcare Software In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Medical software refers to a tool that can effectively manage the records and innumerable hospitals, clinics and doctors offices can use this record system to increase the efficiency of the various processes.
It is a known fact that the traditional paper-based medical record is not an apt solution in todays fast moving day and age. Technological advancement in every field has also led to the immense development in the healthcare industry and the need to provide safe, accurate, reliable and timely service is of paramount importance. Healthcare software solutions help in efficiently and effectively maintaining medical records and using this particular healthcare software development solution can overcome the disadvantages associated with the conventional paper records. Different types of software is easily available and even customized versions can be prepared that match the needs and requirements of a particular clinic or hospital.

Features of healthcare software products
It can increased the quality of the clinical work
Specialized healthcare software also Increased competitiveness
It helps to Reduced cost of treatment
Reduced waiting and treatment time
Useful for further education and training
Availability of database for research & statistics
More effective monitoring of projects & disease surveillance
Reduced waiting and treatment time
Reduced risk of incorrect treatment.
Reduced risk of complications due to
drug interactions or
drug safety in
pregnancy, lactation, elderly etc.

Specialized healthcare software can store immense amount of information, which can be easily managed and retrieved when required.
They streamline the various processes and prevent mishandling, confusion and errors associated with the conventional way of managing responsibilities.
Since medical software solutions store a lot of sensitive data pertaining to patients history and medical records, therefore, they remain completely secure, safe and confidential.
The healthcare software solution can even perform medical billing functions.
You can download demo version of this software from

Mineral Line – Anti-aging Serum

Anti-Ageing Serum is an extraordinary new formulation specifically created to significantly reduce wrinkle depth over your face area, while deeply toning, firming and hydrating the skin.

Its exclusive combination of the most powerful minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea, and the lately discovered UNIPROSYN PS-18 + UNIPROTECT PT-3 new active agents,stimulate the production of specific skin barrier proteins that are essential to maintain skin integrity and flexibility, as well as to reduce water loss from the skin cells,stimulating at the same time the regeneration of the tissue at even deeper levels of the epidermis and thus, visibly reducing face lines.

Feel young and free with Mineral Line new Time it! Anti-ageing line.

Softball Tips Building Mental Toughness

Do you want to be a dominant player on the field? Youve sharpened your skills, improved your batting speed, and increased the power of your throws. Unfortunately, thats not all you need to survive in a competitive softball environment.

This is especially the case if your team and other teams use the same set of drills and exercises. With the same skills, youre practically equal with your opponent. So who do you gain an edge over them?

The answer: mental toughness. This is one of the toughest concepts that you can learn in softball, or in other competitive field because it doesnt depend on your physical abilities for you to be able to pull it off. But once you become a mentally tough player, youll be a lot more dominant than ever before.

Estimating Survival In Metastatic Breast Cancer

In a meta-analysis from Australia, Dr. Kiely and colleagues analyzed first-line chemotherapy randomized controlled trials involving patients with metastatic breast cancer, published between 1999 and 2009. They looked at disease and patient factors, as well as parameters of survival curves including overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) from each trial. From each curve, they extracted the following percentiles: 90th (worst case), 75th (lower typical), 25th (upper typical), and 10th (best case). The results showed that the mean median PFS was 7.5 months and mean median OS was 21.5 months, with a ratio of median OS to PFS of approximately 3. Means for each OS scenario were as follows:

Worst case (10th percentile), 6.25 months;
Lower typical (25th percentile), 12 months;
Upper typical (75th percentile), 36 months; and
Best (90th percentile), 56 months.

Simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in excess of 95% of the OS curves for all scenarios, except for the worst-case scenario, for which simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in 73%.