Healthcare Training – Your Own Lottery Ticket

The healthcare sector has been one of the largest industrial sectors in the US for the last 5 to 8 years. As a matter of fact the top 20 sectors with the highest annual growths include around 10 health related sectors. Hence it is obvious that there has been a significant increase in the employment opportunities for students pursuing a healthcare training.

This growth has largely been caused due the increase in the elderly population. With the development of modern technologies and their growing applications in the health industry the scope of the health sector has also grown phenomenally. It is estimated by the US Department of Labor that almost 3.2 million new jobs will be generated for the students coming out of a medical training school by 2018.

The pay scales in the health sector are much higher in comparison with other large industrial sectors by about 13%. This estimation is done excluding the amounts paid for work in odd hours and that’s not all. People employed in the medical sector also get other benefits like pensions, health insurances and also not to forget paid holidays and sick leaves but for all this you first need to join a medical training school.

So let us take a look at some good medical training schools and healthcare training programs which will lead you to a successful career in the medical sector. There are around 160 medical colleges in the US. Admission to these colleges for a post graduate or graduate degree is through common entrance tests like the MCAT. Also qualities like involvement in social work are considered for admission.

University of Arizona College of medicine, University of California Davis School of medicine, Yale University of medicine and University of Pennsylvania School of medicine are some of the oldest and renowned colleges of medicine which offer a variety of healthcare training programs. These courses include osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, pathology etc.

It is important to have a specialization to be successful in the medical industry. Nowadays many nursing and technical diploma courses which are much shorter than the traditional graduation courses are in demand. Thus specific training programs will help you to stand firmly in the medical sector and make good money as well.

Though the scope in the medical sector is growing exponentially only a good educational qualification from a recognized medical training school and even more than that the passion to serve people will make you successful in the medical sector

LVN school offers LVN programs and other vocational healthcare programs in their campuses in California.

Not All High Cholesterol Foods Are Created Equal

Do you shudder at the thought of eating high cholesterol foods?

The idea of those thick greasy fried foods running through your bloodstream thickening your arteries can be anything short of repulsive. The media and advertisers are all on the same bandwagon to sell the consumer foods that are low in cholesterol and low in fat.

Even though its true that some high cholesterol foods may not be so good for you, please note that not all high cholesterol foods are created equal.

That means that there are some high cholesterol foods that may actually be good for your health and your heart as well.

I remember seeing many patients in my 28 years of practice who were trying to lose weight and went on a strictly low or no fat diet.

Sure they lost weight, but were they healthy?

Some showed signs of dry and scaly skin, some even had eczema, others complained of cycle irregularity (in women) and almost all had signs of fatigue.

When the cholesterol goes too low, the hormones become affected. The body needs healthy fats to maintain proper hormone levels, the nerves need fats for the myelin sheath (which covers the brain and spinal cord), and the body uses fat to metabolize the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,and K.

Keeping this in mind, I still recommend staying away from the bad high cholesterol fats. For example, frying foods at 300 degrees Fahrenheit creates oxidation, damages the oils and depletes the vitamin content.
It is best to avoid fried foods altogether, but if you must eat fried, please follow these helpful tips:

1.Fry on a lower flame. It will take longer, but you will be doing less damage to the food.

2.Use oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. They tend to be more stable under high heat then corn oil or canola oil.

3.Sautee your foods. The added water helps prevent overheating of the oils.

On the other hand, foods that you always thought are bad for you may even be good. For example, eggs may not be so bad after all, including the yolks. Eggs are a complete food. In fact the whites are high in choline and lecithin which helps reduce homocysteine and break down cholesterol.

In 1999, JAMA reported a study done at Harvard University which concluded that eating 2 eggs a day does not cause a health concern. This is the conclusion of many other studies as well.
We tend to let ourselves get swept away with strong media advertising, and even health professionals tend to recommend low cholesterol diets. Heart Disease is the number one killer in the US today.
Anyone who wants to cure himself of heart disease goes on a low cholesterol diet, and yet the statistics have not changed in years. Look at the studies and you will see that heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol foods, but foods that cause inflammation in the blood vessels. Such foods are trans fats, such as margarine and hydrogenated oils. These are typically found in many cakes and crackers (even many whole wheat crackers), and cream cakes. Read the labels.
Low glycemic index foods such as sugar, and simple carbs and of course your junk foods such as donuts, muffins, fast foods, candy, and the list goes on.

Do your own research, but get many differing opinions. That way you can come up with your own conclusions and develop a diet that can lead you on the path to a healthy heart.

A Guide To Mental And Physical Preparation For Presenting

Presentation skills are in use continually in today’s business world as we are presenting ourselves on a daily basis to our colleagues and clients. The same underlying principles can be applied to interpersonal presentation as formal presentations. First impressions are everything and highly developed confidence and communication skills are required to a make a success of both disciplines.

The first thing to note is that great presenters aren’t born, they’re made. Anyone can develop the presentation skills to deliver a confident, clear and impactful presentation with the right training, practice and feedback.

The starting point for many presentation skills courses is building confidence and controlling anxiety. Even top professionals, who might be dynamic, efficient and confident within their comfort zone of business relationships, can crumble at the task of delivering a formal presentation. The fact is, most top presenters also feel nerves, however they channel them to their advantage using techniques grounded in a solid foundation of presentation skills.

There is no magic elixir that can take away the fear of presenting in front of an audience. In fact many leading presentation skills consultants will testify to the fact that a certain level of nerves is a good thing – those jitters just need to be controlled and galvanised to create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

There are, however, certain techniques that can be used to control nerves and help the presenter feel more relaxed and confident. Some of these are simple physical exercises and include: standing up straight, with your feet firmly grounded; literally shaking the stress and tension out of your body; breathing deeply and in a controlled manner.

Mental preparation is also important and centres around a positive focus. Making sure you go into the presentation visualising success is really powerful. Take the time to run through a ‘movie’ of the presentation in your mind before starting and conclude this movie with a successful outcome where you’ve done a great job.

Ensure that any self-talk going on in your mind is positive and that you’re affirming your own ability, rather than listening to a host of self-criticism. It is also important to keep several things in mind: that it’s normal to make mistakes, that the audience is on your side and that they don’t know what you’re going to say anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you go a little ‘off-piste’.

These simple presentation skills will help you go into your presentation feeling positive, confident and in control. The two things which will ensure this more than anything though are preparation and practice. The more prepared you feel and the better you know your material, the more relaxed you will be and the more confidence you will project.

Visible nerves put an audience on edge and will dilute the strength of your presentation. By implementing presentation skills such as ‘shaking out the nerves’ and positive mental projections you free yourself of the negative nervous energy. Once you’re up there, act like a confident person: maintain steady, non-intrusive eye contact, use bold definitive gestures, open body language and a strong voice.

Most importantly, be real. Being yourself, rather than putting on a performance means you have less to worry about and fewer reasons to slip up. Being natural will also make you look more confident.

Learn How To Identify The Signs And Symptoms Of Prostrate Cancer

Prostrate cancer is a type of cancer that effects the Prostrate gland in the male reproductive system. It is the second most common type of cancer found in men as skin cancer is number one. Each year, there are over 186,000 men across our country who are diagnosed with this disease. The symptoms of Prostrate cancer are not noticed during the early stages of the condition. The tests that are used to determine if you have signs of this condition are the PSA test or the rectal examination. A cancer tumor causes the prostrate to enlarge and it starts to push in the urethra and this makes you feel different and causes you to have difficulty urinating.

It is a known fact that as men get older, their Prostrate enlarges and this causes them to have trouble with the urethra and bladder. The majority of Prostrate cancer cases occur in men who are over the age of 75, but it also can effect men at other ages. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that we have talked about thus far, then you should call your doctor and make an appointment to get yourself checked as early detection is a key factor in fighting this disease.

Signs of this condition include the urge to urinate frequently at night and the urge to go more often, trouble starting and stopping the flow of urine, not being able to go at all, small streams of urine , pain or aches while going and blood in the urine, and pain during ejaculation.

If you feel like you are in the high risk category for developing this disease, then you should call your doctor and setup an appointment with him to discuss your condition so he can schedule some tests for you. A PSA or DRE test can be a great way to detect the cancer at an early stage before it becomes too advanced. On the negative side, these tests can sometimes cause false alarms and they can also detect other cancers that may not be a threat to you.

The bad news on Prostrate cancer is that in most of the cases, the disease cannot be detected until it spreads out beyond the glands as there are no signs and symptoms that can be detected during the early stages of the disease. This is why it is so important for you to undergo a Prostrate specific antigen examination . If cancer is detected, this means that it has already started to spread. Not all cancers grow at the same rate as some grow gradually while others grow more rapidly, so make sure that you discuss this condition with your doctor. The earlier that Prostrate cancer is detected, the more chance you have for a full recovery and a healthy life.

I hope that you found this information useful and if you would like more information on ways to live healthy, then please visit my healthy living web site where you will find great information to help you live a long and healthy life.

Isometric Exercise Combined With Healthy Nutrition

What’s The Best Weight Loss Program?

Summary: How can anyone know what to believe, with all the grandiose claims made by so many different weight loss programs? The answer can be found in the definition of your goals – and if those goals are the loss of weight and inches, increased flexibility and agility, more effective breathing and renewed vigor and energy – all without suffering aching, painful muscles or an exorbitant outlay of time and money – then isometrics is the exercise for you.

Anyone considering embarking on a fitness/weight-loss program today has an unprecedented number of options from which to choose. Yet experience (and market research) have shown that most programs are abandoned within the first month – so clearly, choosing the right program – the one that will work for you – is a challenge that requires some thought and study.

Everyone knows the two basics for successful weight loss: Less empty calories and more exercise. But since all fitness programs claim to incorporate both, why aren’t they all successful? The answer is because people find them too demanding, too hard, too painful – and they quit. With an isometric exercise program, coupled with a reasonable change in diet, that kind of frustration and failure doesn’t happen. Why not?

First of all, diet. Don’t think of it as -a- diet, but as an improved nutritional program. If you’re living on nothing but greasy hamburgers and ice cream sodas at the moment, you don’t need a scientist to tell you that your diet is unhealthy and guaranteed to pack on the pounds. You already know that – but you’re not willing to eat -grass and twigs- instead, either. Nor should you be. Balanced, healthy, satisfying meals should be your goal – and reasonable portions of same. There are several excellent, balanced diets on the market that prescribe tasty foods you’ll really enjoy eating; you owe it to yourself to research them and find one you believe you can live with.

Second, exercise. When a devout couch potato decides to join a gym in order to -get healthy,- odds are that all he or she really is going to get is overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged and beaten by sore, aching muscles and the embarrassment of being so out of shape in front of all the toned, trim bodies one usually finds in that kind of setting. Not to mention developing some pretty powerful resentments about all the time required and the outrageous expense of gym membership.

Isometric exercises, however, are successful because they don’t have those built-in -failure factors.- They do not traumatize your body or torture your muscles – you can do them in the privacy and comfort of your own home, whenever you feel like it – and the low, one-time cost of a good isometric exercise DVD is all the expense you’ll face.

The best of both worlds – and your best chance for success – is an at-home, isometric exercise DVD that includes a sound nutritional program. If you truly want to lose inches and pounds, and become healthier and more vigorous in the process, there’s absolutely no need to starve yourself (which wouldn’t work, anyway, and you’d just re-gain any lost weight) or to torture yourself with the kind of exercise that would challenge even a member of Cirque de Soleil!

A good nutritional program and training in focused, gentle isometric exercise is your best bet – and an isometric DVD containing both will start you on the road to realizing your goals quickly and painlessly.

Owner of IsoBreathing Inc. and creator of IsoBreathing(R) Ellen has been teaching life style and fitness over 20 years and is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer. Find out about Isometric Exercise, Weight Loss Exercise or buy her Exercise DVD – visit

How To Stop Tinnitus – 4 Solutions You Can Use Now To Stop Tinnitus

If you’re looking for a way on how to stop tinnitus , then you’ve come to the right place. By reading the following you will be able to choose a treatment option that will work for you and be able to stop tinnitus. I’ve included a variety of different ways on how to stop tinnitus, including medications, vitamins, maskers and biofeedback.

1. Medications. If you don’t mind taking medications, some of them can be very helpful in stopping tinnitus. The most useful meds are muscle relaxants and anti-depressants. The more relaxed you are the less chance you have of tinnitus symptoms. Sometimes tinnitus leads to depression which then makes it hard to fight tinnitus. Taking anti-depressants can help you feel better and give you the fight you need to ward of tinnitus.

2. Vitamins and herbs. If meds aren’t for you and you’d like to know how to stop tinnitus using natural methods, you can take vitamins and herbs instead. Gingko biloba has been used by the Chinese for years – it works to increase the circulation in the body and brain, and helps stop tinnitus. Vitamins include niacin, lecithin, zinc, and magnesium.

3. Maskers. Tinnitus maskers can be any form of sound that masks the internal noise in your ears. While this doesn’t necessarily provide a solution on how to stop tinnitus, it works by masking or covering up tinnitus, which makes it seem like the tinnitus isn’t even there. The most common ways for how to stop ear ringing are by listening to low volume static radio, running a fan, and listening to relaxing music.

4. Biofeedback. If you’ve tried other methods and you still need to know how to stop tinnitus, this may be the method for you. It’s a little more complex, but with time it has proven to be effective. This method uses monitors to provide patients physiological information about themselves that they are not usually aware of. The more you learn about yourself and what triggers tinnitus, you can eventually use this information to change your thinking and habits to stop tinnitus from occurring.

Medical Billing Systems – Proving Ideal For Healthcare Professionals

Medical practitioners today are becoming increasingly stressed by the ever changing requirements for medical billing by health insurance companies. This results in delayed and sometimes denied payments. Complicated paperwork and medical billing requirements tends to take away the focus of the practitioner from providing quality healthcare to patients to managing bills, reimbursements and office administration.

To alleviate this situation, healthcare professionals are now turning to practice management software systems to help them manage better and cope with the increased paperwork. On several occasions it has been seen that the medical establishment chooses to completely outsource its medical billing processes to professional third party service providers, who provide practice management and electronic medical records services on demand for a fee. These service providers are a big advantage to medical staff because they help them to focus on their jobs instead of administration.

For the purposes of clarity on medical billing claim payments, healthcare providers should have complete understanding of different plans offered by healthcare insurance companies, local laws and government regulations.

Medical billing systems incorporate modules that can be customized to specific needs. For instance, in the case of specific healthcare establishment that may want to tune its billing to the health insurance company’s requirements it most frequently deals with, the customization is done. These will also be tweaked to ensure that all paperwork is done according to government regulations. This is critical because the practice management system not only saves time, but also prevents the healthcare professional or establishment from undue judicial processes and potential litigation.

Electronic medical records software systems help healthcare establishments manage clinical, financial and administrative functions. Integrated billing, patient check in/out, insurance claim submission and assisted decision making through a treatment plan recommendations and report generation are a few salient features of a typical electronic medical records system.

Super Fast Acne Breakouts Do-it-yourself Solutions

Got an acne breakout which runs the chance of damaging your special first day? You are not alone with this particular situation. Over 40 zillion Americans suffer some type of acne problem. The very first response might be to go right down to the pharmacy and purchase an off-the-shelf acne treatment — however, before you decide to hurry out, think about a few things first:

1. Acne Medications tend to be fairly expensive
2. You have to constantly take them (stop as well as acne may return)
3. Medicines For Acne aggravate and dry out the skin

Fortunately, there are some options you can look at right here. There are numerous acne breakouts home remedies — knowledge that individuals have examined out and found to work. These remedies make use of natural home organic ingredients and are thus cheap, easy to acquire, and are great for your skin. Unlike medicines such as Benzoyl Hydrogen peroxide, you will not dry out your skin!

Fundamental essentials most common acne natural home remedies:

Clear Your Acne with Cucumbers
Take some cucumbers, mash into a pulp, then combine with some whole milk. Make use of as an encounter wash many times a day (you are able to refrigerate any additional). This helps to sooth your face and cut down on your face oil amounts. Cucumbers have been in existence for a while now as a general facial home remedy – many people use them to help reduce facial lines.

Clear Your Acne along with Garlic
Frighten away acne as well as vampires of the underworld (and maybe your own significant other as well) with this garlic remedy. The smell is actually not too bad. Garlic works because it has powerful antimicrobial properties that you could utilize against bacteria. Have a garlic clove as well as mash it up. Spread the past over problem areas as a spot therapy. Repeat many times a day. Note, only put on trouble spots because garlic can sting if you place it upon open injuries.

Clear Your own Acne with Lemon Juice
Squeeze a fresh lemon into a container and mix in a couple tablespoons of water. Spread this on your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Leave it on all day or night before washing off with warm water. The lemon juice consists of citric acid that kills the acne-causing bacteria.

Clear Your Acne breakouts with Honey
Help treat your acne-prone skin with this fairly sweet home remedy. Honey has some very effective antimicrobial properties and it’s soothing for your pores and skin. What you can do is actually take tsp of sweetie and stroke it on your face prior to going to bed. Let it dry (that person will be sticky at first). Wash it off in the morning with warm water.

These are some totally natural acne breakouts home remedies. You are able to really help clean up your skin if you are using some of the remedies on a regular basis. Remember, use these remedies (whichever 1 you choose) included in a regimen – this means apply the remedy every day! Give a treatment several weeks to some month to determine if it helps your acne. If not, try a different treatment. Some of the treatments are more effective upon different types of pores and skin than others.

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Changes In The Works For Cancer-compensation Program

Ground-breaking legislation was recently introduced in the Senate by Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. The bill, titled the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2010, would expand coverage for cancer victims and their survivors who were exposed to radiation during above ground nuclear testing from 1946 to 1962.

For those not familiar with the program, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program provides payments to persons exposed to radiation by above-ground nuclear testing in the 1950s and 1960s, and those who worked with uranium ore. There are five types of claims: Downwinders (those who lived around the test sites), Onsite Participants (those who participated in the testing), and Uranium Workers (millers, miners and ore transporters).

The most exciting change to the program would be the inclusion of all of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Colorado. Currently, only 21 counties in Arizona, Nevada and Utah are covered, including portions of counties (like Mohave County in Arizona and Clark County in Nevada). Major areas that have been impacted by the testing, such as Las Vegas, would now be covered under the program.

The RECA Amendments of 2010 would further widen qualifications for compensation for radiation exposure; would expand the list of compensable diseases, would qualify post-1971 uranium workers for compensation and equalize compensation for all claimants to $150,000. This would mean that Downwinder victims and their survivors would receive triple the amount they are currently receiving ($50,000), and Onsite Participants would receive double what they are currently receiving. The changes would also include funding for an epidemiological study of the health impacts on families of uranium workers and residents of uranium development communities.

Presence requirements would change dramatically. A claimant would be required to show eligibility during one of the following periods: (a) one month during June 30, 1945 to July 31, 1945; (b) one year between June 30, 1946 to August 19, 1958, or (c) the period between April 25, 1962 to November 2, 1962. Medical benefits would be given to Downwinders. Currently only uranium workers applying for compensation under the EEOICPA can receive medical benefits. Uranium workers would be eligible to receive compensation if they were employed anytime prior to December 31, 1990. Affidavits could be used to establish residence for Downwinders and Onsite Participants.

These would be dramatic changes to the program and would provide more compensation to tens of thousands of people who deserve it. Please check my blog at www:// or contact me at (928) 776-2457.