A Majority Of Physicians Oppose US Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is a highly debated topic these days, due to new legislation passed by President Obama late last year. Although the American public seems to be divided in their stance on the reform act, the now majority Republican-controlled House is not its only critic- a recent study cites that many physicians themselves are actually opposed to the reform efforts. Among the major points made, physicians polled feel that reform calls for a greater number of healthcare workers, many of whom are not required to earn doctorate-levelhealthcare degrees like nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

The report recently released by Thomson Reuters and HCPlexus details the results of a national survey which polled nearly 3,000 U.S. physicians on the issue of healthcare reform. The overall consensus can be generalized to say that a majority of physicians feel “frustration and dismay in a time of change.” ”

Of the physicians polled,

65% believe that U.S. healthcare will deteriorate with five years
18% believe it will improve
17% believe it will stay the same

If the healthcare reform act passed by President Obama remains in legislation, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), an estimated 32 million currently uninsured Americans will have will access to healthcare. Physicians participating in the survey report concern over who will treat these new patients. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants will likely begin seeing and treating nearly as many patients as physicians themselves.

According to the report, “physicians overall have a clear frustration with the non-physician providers’ compensation, which is comparable to primary care physicians, citing that nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not as well-trained or as educated.”

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants do have an education above a bachelor’s degree, but are not required to have earned their doctorate from a medical school like a physician.Healthcare degrees of all levels are in high-demand in response to reform efforts, which will require greater numbers of healthcare workers overall, in both an administrative and clinical capacity. Online programs offering advanced healthcare degrees are growing in popularity as a method for working healthcare professionals to earn the additional credentials necessary to qualify for higher-level positions.

Results of the study also claim that a majority of physicians have a similarly cynical view on how healthcare reform will affect patients. Results conclude that:

58% feel the legislation will negatively affect patients
27% feel the effect will be positive

Survey results distinguished responses among physicians of different medical practices, for example, as primary care physicians, or psychiatrists. Of all participating groups, pediatricians and psychiatrists were the most optimistic about the future of healthcare. On the other hand, dermatologists were found to have the most negative outlook; not a single dermatologist polled reported a belief that current healthcare reform efforts would have a positive effect on physicians.

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Risk Factors Of Heart Disease

What is it?

These are conditions that predispose a person to increased risk of developing heart disease and blood vessels. There are several risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which can be divided into immutable and mutable.

immutable factors

Immutable factors are those that can not change and therefore we can not treat them. They are:

The children of people with cardiovascular disease have a higher propensity to develop diseases of this group. People with black skin are more prone to hypertension and in them it usually has a more severe course.

Four out of five people suffering from cardiovascular disease are over 65 years. Among older women, those with a heart attack will have a double chance of dying in a few weeks.

Men are more likely to have a heart attack and his attacks will occur at a younger age group. Even after menopause, when the rate of women increases, it is never as high as that of men.

Factors changing

Are the factors over which we can influence, changing, preventing or treating.

The risk of a heart attack in a smoker is two times higher than a nonsmoker. The cigarette smoker has a chance two to four times more likely to die suddenly than a nonsmoker. The passive smokers also has the risk of a heart attack increased.

High Cholesterol:
The risk of heart disease as the increase in cholesterol levels are higher in the blood. Along with other risk factors like high blood pressure and smoking, this risk is even greater. This risk factor is exacerbated by age, sex and diet.

High blood pressure:
To keep the pressure high, the heart performs more work, this will hipertrofiando to the heart muscle that dilates and becomes weaker with time, increasing the risk of an attack. Elevated pressure also increases the risk of a stroke, injury in the kidney and heart failure. The risk of a hypertensive attack increases several times, along with cigarette smoking, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.

Sedentary lifestyle:
The lack of physical activity is another risk factor for coronary disease. Regular physical exercise, moderate to vigorous play an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Even moderate exercise, done regularly since they are beneficial, however the most intense are more suitable. Physical activity also prevents obesity, hypertension, diabetes and lowers cholesterol.

Excess weight has a higher probability of causing a stroke or heart disease, even in the absence of other risk factors. Obesity requires a greater effort of the heart as well as being linked to coronary disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Decrease 5 to 10 pounds in weight already reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes mellitus:
Diabetes is a serious risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Even if your blood sugar is under control, diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Two thirds of people with diabetes die from complications caused heart or brain. In the presence of diabetes, other risk factors become more significant and ominous.

Oral Contraceptives:
Current OCs have small doses of hormones and the risk of cardiovascular disease are negligible for most women. Smoking, hypertension or diabetes should not use oral contraceptives greatly increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Acne Medicine Traetment Review

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If you hold acne, then you belike already undergo that there are a variety of pare desire products that are prefabricated to broach acne blemishes. The representative acne victim goes finished several products before eventually judgment something that entirety. It would be pleasant if there was one solvent that worked for everyone, but that’s righteous not the somebody.

One product that seems to employ for many fill is the Argonne Overhaul Vantage group. This is a high-quality pare anxiety communicating industrial specifically to plow acne unrest tegument. Argonne is exploit praise reviews from group with opposite wound types who person old it successfully to unqualified up their bushy acne.

The mellow success range is due to the active foodstuff in the Argonne Acne Clean which contains salicylic dot. This is a general acne disorderly ingredient that is very useful. Some fill are irritable to salicylic dose and if you are one of them, then you shouldn’t use this set. You should also check forth from products that hold this ingredient if you’re significant.

Most group are able to tolerate salicylic dot, advantageous the statement contains unbleached ingredients same alfalfa, candy, blow ball and mint acquire. You can odor the peppermint once you unsealed the container.

The undivided system includes:

Argonne Earn Benefit Acne Clean – you get by improvement your tegument with this rinse that unclogs your pores and clears out the toxins.

Argonne Cloudless Vantage Purification Toner – Incoming, you slush on the toner which is oil and drinkable unoccupied. This removes the barren tegument cells and leaves your peel feeling firm.

Argonne Comprehendible Welfare Acne Application – Simple on this mild lotion with botanicals to moisturize and protect your cutis.

While few grouping see fair hurried results using the Argonne grouping, typically it instrument acquire several weeks for you to see that sunny peel you’re longing to make. All in all, this is an effective pare discourse for mild to average acne.

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Key Mental Strength Secrets for Success

You hear it every day, not matter what the current economic situation, -they- say -If only ___- you fill in the blank. I hope you are not one of those people, I don’t think so otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Think about this-why is that the people who always complain about the economy, their job, or even the weather are never -successful?- Now I know success means different things to different people, but it’s the individual that claims they are not successful, so they must know their definition of success.

So how does a person become successful under any circumstance? I’ll tell that success leaves clues and all you have to do is follow them. In my reaching top achievers the number one key ingredient is in the way they think-.they have developed mental strength for success.

Here are the top three mental strength secrets that these top achievers use to achieve success:

1.) Top Achievers Operate from an Unbiased Perceptive of Their Reality: Top achievers take a realistic view of their skills, efforts and involvement compared to their desired outcome. If they don’t match up the NEVER change the desired outcome, they change their time, improve their skills or get more involved. They ask themselves this powerful question, -Are my habits, actions, and behaviors congruent with the size and scope of my vision?- Go ahead-ask yourself the same question and sit with it for awhile, then journal your answer. You’ll probably be shocked at the answer

2.) Exceptional Success Begins with Exceptional Thinking: If you went to work today because you wanted to, you are in control of money. If you went to work this morning because you had to, money is in control of you. Even in the wealthiest nation in the world, 99% of the population is being controlled by money. The effect is lack of money. The cause is thinking. Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And this is what top achievers know and do-change their thinking, and then the results change.

Knowing this, top achievers raise their level of consciousness by studying how other top achievers create wealth. Top achievers trades ideas that solve problems, not time, for money. Frustrated over those that are top achievers the -also ran’s- often scorn the top achievers for their own lack of money, yet the answer to earning more has been in their heads their whole lives. Ideas — it’s such a simple concept that the majority misses it.

The question is then, -What would you need to change in your thinking to create more money?- Again, take time with this and then journal your answer.

3.) Top Achiever Have an Enormous Capacity for Unrelenting Concentration: Top achievers are famous for fixating their energy and efforts on what they want to the exclusion of anything or anyone that threatens their focus. While average people haphazardly pursue loosely defined goals, top achievers concentrate on the achievement of a singular purpose with an intensity that borders on obsession.

Top achievers invest an excessive amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals and then double checking to make sure the goals is exactly what they want. While the masses consider making changes every New Year’s Eve, the goal setting and planning process is an everyday habit of top achievers. When the goals are set, top achievers put mental blinders on and move forward with dogged persistence and ferocious tenacity.

The question here is, -Does your results show you are more interested in instant pleasure or delayed gratification? Tough one to answer, and if you’re committed to creating more in you life you’ll take a log hard look at this question and answer it truthfully

So, there ya go-in your face questions about how committed you are to your success using the 3 key mentlal strength secrets of top achievers. I hope this got you mad and aggravated, so much so that you will reflect on the above questions; your answers and then take action. You truly deserve to have the life of your dreams!

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Protein Building With Optimum Nutrition’s Performance Whey Review

Optimum Nutritions company name speaks for itself known for its release of a famous protein powder, the Gold Standard 100% Whey; this supplement provider has been consistent in offering top-notch products. The latest product that has been released is Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey.

This Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Review will look into the benefits of using this latest supplement product. This supplement has been made for body builders and athletes that need an additional amount to their daily protein intake. Similar to the Gold Standard 100% Whey, the Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey is made of carbohydrates, fats, and 160 calories. This is just the right amount for anyone who wants a snack that is not too heavy, yet provides the necessary energy for the day.

The amounts are also enough for those with jobs or physical training that occurs all day long, giving the right amount of protein as the bodys own protein amount is broken down. Along with counteracting the bodys protein consumption, Performance Whey also includes the calories you need to sustain each workout.

Including the Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey into your diet wont be an issue thanks to its availability in an array of flavors. Served in an easy to shake and mix form, you can easily pack the protein drink into your gym bag or work bag to get you through the day. One Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Review praises the shakes delicious vanilla, cookies and cream, mocha cappuccino, strawberry banana, rocky road, tropical punch, coffee, and chocolate flavors.

Apart from the protein components mentioned above, the Performance Whey supplement also includes 3+g glutamine and precursors, medium chain triglycerides, and acesulfame potassium, just to name a few. All these ingredients can easily be mixed with just three to four ounces of water, letting you stretch the use of the Optimum Nutrition supplement for a month or more.

Any Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey review phrases the quality and quantity of the protein shake in giving a palatable flavor that can be made into a larger quantity with 6 to 8 ounces of cold water. One Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey review recommends the Choc-mint and French Vanilla Cream flavors. Whatever your preference, there is a suitable flavor for you with Performance Whey. You can even start your day with the coffee flavor.

Compared to the Gold Standard Whey, one Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Review states that the former has a greater concentrate of whey protein. Another difference is the lack of Aminogen. The addition and removal of such ingredients improve the bodys digestion and absorption rate, thus giving your body more energy for each workout. Medium Chain Triglycerides are another energy booster included for fat oxidation and increased weight loss. These ingredients make the Performance Whey the perfect partner to a muscle mass increase and a lower fat mass body goal.

For those that are looking for immediate effects, the Performance Whey may not be the supplement for you. However, according to one Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Review, this supplement is practical for those requiring fat oxidation, workout recovery, muscle development, and fitness effects. These results are recommended for individuals that are not looking for immediate body results, but require long-term health and enhancement in their workouts.

The Vitamin Shoppe reviews for Performance Whey supplement reveal that is available in several sizes at reasonable prices. Discounts are readily available, along with free shipping for those that want more products or larger quantities for storage. Be sure to search thoroughly for the right deal before committing to a particular order. You may also want to consult with a physician or trainer before purchasing to ensure it is right for your body. Nonetheless, any Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Review will guarantee the success of this health product.

Is Dokudami Good For Anti-aging – Dokudami Is A Secret Weapon For Great Skin

Dokudami is an Asian plant that has been used by the Japanese for centuries to heal all kinds of ailments. It is full of flavonoids, which are super strong antioxidants. It can be used orally or topically, and basically the only downside is that is has a rather fishy smell that can be unpleasant. It is dried and used as an herb, it can be made into tea, and often it is served as a garnish. It can also be included in skin creams, and more recently is has been used as an ingredient in detoxifying foot pads. Though it does not specifically target the signs of aging, its other properties can drastically improve skin, making it appear younger and thus acting as an anti aging treatment.

For example, Dokudami is known to remove free radicals. These are toxins that can build up in our bodies. Some of them are necessary to body functions and occur naturally, while others are released into the environment through factories, cars and other toxin-producing agents. A buildup of free radicals can take its toll on the body, including the skin. Dokudami contains polyphenols, an active free radical neutralizing chemical. This chemical attaches itself to free radicals and neutralizes them, creating a healthier body and in turn, having an anti aging effect.

Dokudami also supports the immune system, having an indirect anti aging effect. It does this by stimulating lymphocytes. These are a type of blood cell that kills illness-causing intruders. Being sick, or consistently not feeling well, can cause one to look older than what they are. By reducing instances of illness, Dokudami can help you look younger. It also fights two major types of acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis. It was revealed in a recent article that although it was shown to fight a variety of bacteria, it is especially efficient at fighting these two. Though acne is typically associated with the younger generation, it plagues many that are no longer adolescents. Reducing acne can improve looks and give the effect of looking much younger.

Dokudami does not claim to reduce wrinkles or make a double chin go away. Its anti aging effects are much more subtle. They make take a little time to appear, and by the time they do it may have been so gradual it is barely noticed. However, pulling out the before pictures may shed some light on the issue. They may reveal that you are now much more vibrant and have much better looking skin than before.

India Abounding In Medical Infrastructure For Disc Replacement Surgery.

Disc replacement surgery replaces one or more degenerated or damaged discs with new, artificial ones. An artificial disc is a device that is implanted into the spine to perform the functions of a normal disc. Disc replacement surgery in India is provided in hospital that adheres to the highest internationally accepted standards of medical practice and management. Mumbai spine surgery centre in India has expanded and grown to an international standard level that has attracted innumerable patients from all corners of the world. Patients are offered disc replacement surgery in India with a comprehensive range of consultations and treatment at an effective cost, using modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, accredited by the International Standards Organization. An efficient, multilingual customer service staff is on hand 24 hours to attend to the needs of both patients and their families.

The newest technology inback surgeryis the disc replacement surgery, also known as disc implantation surgery. In this procedure, the biological injured or degenerated disc material is removed, and an artificialintervertebral discis implanted in the spine. The damaged disk is removed and replaced with a metal and plastic disk.Artificial discsare marvels of scientific medical engineering. Duplicating the form and function of human intervertebral discs is no easy task. Doctors and scientists have come up with several varieties of artificial discs. Disc replacement surgery is usually much less invasive than traditional spinal surgery.In most artificial lumbar disc replacements, the incision is made in the abdomen and the surgery performed through the front of the body. Recoverytime is relatively quick, compared tospinal fusion. Disc replacement surgery maintains the flexibility of the spine and allows continued vertebral level movement, unlike fusion. This makes the disc replacement approach a far more enlightened technique which does not cause the long term degenerative effects. Disc replacement surgery in India ensures patients with a pleasurable medical travelexperience at an effective cost.

Disc replacement surgery is performed to treat degenerative disc disease and chronic pain while maintaining full mobility in the portion of the spine being treated. India is the best destination for your medical treatment in terms of quality, service and cost-saving procedures. India is optimal for the residents of the northwest U.S.A. and Canada as it is already a desired overseas vacation destination. If you choose to tour or vacation along side disc replacement surgery in India then medical tourism in India can help you with travel arrangements in complete detail, from transportation to tours to accommodations. Alleviating financial concerns, providing contact with highly trainedphysicians, and schedule patients medical procedures at their convenience is number one concern for medical tourism in India. To know more about disc replacement surgery in India visit us at http://www.dheerajbojwani.com or mail your quires at [emailprotected]

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Cancer Disease The Most Common Killer In The World

What is it?

Cancer (medical term: malignant neoplasm)is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood).[1] Cancer affects people at all ages with the risk for most types increasing with age.[2] Cancer caused about 13% of all human deaths in 2007[3] (7.6 million).

These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited, and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor but some, like leukemia, do not. The branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer is oncology. [1]

Cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the transformed cells.[4] These abnormalities may be due to the effects of carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents. Other cancer-promoting genetic abnormalities may randomly occur through errors in DNA replication, or are inherited, and thus present in all cells from birth. The heritability of cancers is usually affected by complex interactions between carcinogens and the host’s genome.


Cancers are classified by the type of cell that resembles the tumor and, therefore, the tissue presumed to be the origin of the tumor. It describes a large amount of human diseases with very diverse qualities. Examples of general categories include of Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Lymphoma and Leukemia, Germ cell tumor and Blastic tumor. Malignant tumors (cancers) are usually named using -carcinoma, -sarcoma or blastoma. For instance, the most common type of breast cancer is called ductal carcinoma of the breast or mammary ductal carcinoma. [1]

How was human get the disease?

In most individual cases of cancer, the exact cause of cancer is unknown. The causes may include increased genetic susceptibility; environmental insults, such as chemical exposure or smoking cigarettes; lifestyle factors, including diet; damage caused by infectious disease; and many more.

Anything which replicates (living cells) will probabilistically suffer from errors (mutations). Unless error correction and prevention is properly carried out, the errors will survive, and might be passed along to daughter cells. Normally, the body safeguards against cancer via numerous methods, such as: apoptosis, helper molecules (some DNA polymerases), possibly senescence, etc. However these error-correction methods often fail in small ways, especially in environments that make errors more likely to arise and propagate.
Researches about cancer reveal that this type of disease can be cause by these following categories:
Agents (e.g. viruses) and events (e.g. mutations) which cause or facilitate genetic changes in cells destined to become cancer.
The precise nature of the genetic damage, and the genes which are affected by it.
The consequences of those genetic changes on the biology of the cell, both in generating the defining properties of a cancer cell, and in facilitating additional genetic events which lead to further progression of the cancer.


Cancer prevention is defined as active measures to decrease the incidence of cancer. More than 30 percent is prevent by avoiding risk factors including tobacco, overweight, or obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, alcohol , sexually transmitted infection and air pollution. [5] This can be accomplished by avoiding carcinogens or altering their metabolism, pursuing a lifestyle or diet that modifies cancer-causing factors and/or medical intervention (chemoprevention, treatment of pre-malignant lesions).

Cancer Treatments

There are four standard methods of treatment for cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and biologic therapy. Clinical trials may be an option for some as cancer treatment who meet certain study criteria. Others may choose alternative cancer treatments. Some of the alternative treatment include of strengthening the immune system by taking Vitamin C intravenously each day
When initially diagnosed with cancer, a cancer specialist, an oncologist, will provide you with the cancer treatment options. He or she will recommend the best treatment plan based on your type of cancer, how far it has spread, and other important factors like your age and general health.

Cancer Screening

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, cervical cancer rates have fallen more than 50% in the past 30 years due to the widespread use of the Pap test. The life-saving benefits of mammograms are less clear. A 2003 study gave the following figures: two out of 1,000 women in their 40’s, four out of 1,000 in their 50’s, and six out of 1,000 in their 60’s are saved. [5]

The American Cancer Society recommends that even people with no symptoms go see a physician for cancer screening. Early detection is one of the best weapons we have against cancer. Usually when a patient already has symptoms, the cancer has spread (metastasized). This makes curing it more difficult with the treatments offered today.

Radiation Therapy

The discoveries of x-rays and radiation by scientists Becquerel and Rontgen in the late 1800s got the ball rolling in radiation application. Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize winning work with radioactive elements also helped set the stage at the turn of the century.

Scientists and doctors, out of happenstance, discovered that radiation regressed or slowed some tumors according to some studies on record. They were ignorant of the specific reasons why, but the first radiation oncologists cured, from historical record, the first cancer case in 1898.

They were mostly cures of superficial cancers and the reoccurrence of tumors in treated patients were high due to the unrefined nature of the radiation application methods and the massive doses or radiation given.

Alternative Cancer Diet That Cures Cancer

On day 1 the patient has no nourishment, except 250 ml of flaxseed oil with some freshly squeezed fruit juices with no sugar and honey. If the patient is extremely ill then fruit juice may be replaced with champagne. Besides, all these this must be avoid, it is include of animals fats, all meats(hormones and chemicals), all salad oils, margarine, butter, and preserved meats.

Vegetable juices that are freshly squeezed are fine – apple, carrot, red beet, celery. Warm tea is also very important; it should be consumed three times a day – grape tea, rose hips, and peppermint – sweetened with honey.

Here is Dr. Budwig daily plan [6]:
A glass of Sauerkraut juice or Acidophilus milk is taken before breakfast.
Breakfast consists of Muesli with with two tablespoons of flaxedd oil, fresh fruits and honey. You can vary the fruits from day to day if you want. Nuts are good except peanuts. Black tea or herbal tea. A 120 g serving of the The spread
Morning tea at 10 am for example or/and a glass of fresh juice. (apple juice, carrot juice, celery, beet-apple juice.) Raw salad with yoghurt-Flaxseed Oil MayonnaiseGrated turnips, carrots, cauliflower, radishes, sauerkraut, or kohlrabi in addition to greens salads. Parsley, horseradish and chives may be added for flavour.
Cooked meal – Steamed potatoes, vegetables or grains like rice, millet or buckwheat may also be served. Then add The Spread and The Mayo to these for flavour.
Dessert – Fresh fruits mixed with The Spread and flavored using cream of lemon, vanilla, or berries instead of honey.
Afternoon tea – A small glass of chamapaigne or natural wine with no preservatives or fresh fruit juice with 1-2 tablespoons of Flaxseeds covered with honey.
Supper – Use oat, buckwheat or soy cakes to make a hot meal. Grits from buckwheat are perfect and can be added in a vegetable soup or in a more solid form of cakes with some herbal sauce. Only honey orgrape juice can be used for sweeteners.

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Article Resources:
2.Cancer Research UK (January 2007). “UK cancer incidence statistics by age”. http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerstats/incidence/age/. Retrieved 2007-06-25.
3.WHO (February 2006). “Cancer”. World Health Organization. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs297/en/. Retrieved 2007-06-25
4.Kinzler, Kenneth W.; Vogelstein, Bert (2002). “Introduction”. The genetic basis of human cancer (2nd, illustrated, revised ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Division. p. 5

Benefits Of Choosing Careers For Life – HealthCare Vs Culinary

Building a career is very important for any individual. There are a variety of careers to choose from based on your academic qualifications. Healthcare field is absolutely ideal as an option when it comes to choosing careers for life. Nowadays, this filed is creating quite a stir all over the world because of the various benefits the healthcare professionals enjoy. If you wish to pursue a career in healthcare, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Based on the below mentioned benefits you will get a clear view on how Healthcare careers can build a solid foundation to your success. Some of the benefits of choosing careers for life in healthcare are as follows:

Better Job Opportunities: A lot of job opportunities are available for an individual who is looking for a career in the healthcare field. The major reason is that a large number of elderly people need more healthcare facilities due to their old age and sickness problems. A career in healthcare helps you to treat their problems and grievances and you also contribute a helping hand to the society. Whereas in a culinary career, although the job opportunities are good, youll not be contributing in any special way to the society apart from satisfying the customers taste buds. Usually the job opportunities start from an entry level position with a low salary package. So if you want to compare on better prospects with choosing careers for life, healthcare is most definitely the preferred field.

A Great Salary Package: Careers in healthcare field are offered with an excellent pay package. As the demand for practitioners is attaining newer heights, many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are willing to pay competitive wages and other benefits like insurance, retirement benefits and much more. Being a culinary graduate, it all depends upon your potentiality and hard work. Though some jobs offers come with a pay scale ranging from $8.50 to $15.00 per hour, it again depends on how you perform in the industry. The hard workers or the efficient ones can earn up to $36000 annually depending on your level of education or if you land up with a job in one of the best restaurants. While choosing careers for life, if your vital factor is a better pay scale, the best option for you is to join a healthcare course and reap the benefits of a healthy pay package and a better position in a professional field.

Suitable Work Hours: The best perk an individual can avail in the healthcare field is choosing the working hours that fit into his schedule. If you are a nocturnal, then you can work the night shifts since many hospitals provide round the clock services to their patients. On the other hand, culinary careers do not usually provide round the clock services to their customers, unless you are working in top rated restaurants. There is no option provided for working in shifts if you are employed in a small restaurant or a hotel.

Choosing careers for life in the healthcare field is a better option since they provide you the perfect platform to begin your desired professional life. The above benefits will take you on the right path when it comes to choosing careers for life. Making the right decision at the early stages and you can shape up your future more beautifully.

History’s Strangest Treatments For Depression

Throughout the course of recorded human history depression has been a malady with which people have struggled, suffered and sought relief. Unfortunately, long before the advent of modern medicine early physicians and healers had only their limited knowledge, imagination and gut instinct to work with. But as dedicated helping professionals they were determined to alleviate their patients’ “dejection” or “melancholy.” As such, they devised treatments for depression and other mental illnesses which, today, seem strange, weird and even barbaric.


In 1927 Viennese physician Manfred Sakel sent a diabetic patient who was also a morphine addict into an coma when he accidentally administered an insulin overdose. When she, luckily, came out of the coma she reported her addiction was gone. Apparently, Sakel made the same mistake with another addict who awoke claiming to be cured.

Sakel believed he was on to something and used coma therapy with a reported ninety percent rate of cure among schizohprenics.

The reason for this treatment’s success remains unclear but was phased out due to the danger and death associated with coma.


Trepanation, which involves boring a hole in the patient’s skull, has been identified as one of the earliest forms of mental health treatment.

Insanity and other unwanted behavioral problems where believed to be the cause of demons living inside the person’s head. Creating a hole in the person’s skull was a way to let demons escape, thereby eliminating suffering from depression.


Devised by Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, rotational therapy was used to “spin” people to sleep. Sleep was believed to be the best remedy for any disease, so quickly inducing slumber became the goal of this treatment devised by this not-very-successful, physician, philosopher, and scientist.

Rotational therapy never gained much credibility until an American doctor, named Benjamin Rush, used the dizzying therapy in his psychiatric practice. But instead of trying to induce sleep, Dr. Rush would spin patients in a rotating chair to reduce brain congestion. He believed this to be the cause of their mental illness.

While no longer used to treat mental illness, rotating chairs continue to be used in the study of space sickness and vertigo.


Early psychiatrists believed the calming effects of soaking in water could be adapted to treat a wide range of mental health issues. If you were nervous and unsettled, hot, relaxing baths were recommended. If you lacked energy and were tired all the time, you were treated with energizing sprays.

Unfortunately, hydrotherapy left the realm of common-sense and entered the realm of borderline torture when doctors tightly swaddled patients with towels soaked in ice water, or strapped patients into bathtubs, submerging them for hours and even days.

Fortunately, except for relaxing soaks in a hot tub, hydrotherapy treatments for depression have largely been abandoned.