Two useful options for saving money on your employees healthcare costs

In today’s business world employers all across the county are struggling with the decisions of how to operate as lean as possible without taking away anything from their employees. With regards to an employers retirees there are some options that organizations can use to help offset some of the costs. Two important and helpful programs that an employer should look into that help save money on healthcare costs are theRetiree Drug Subsidy Program (RDS) and the Early Retiree Reimbursement Program (ERRP)

In 2005 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) program. What the program does is reimburse municipalities, unions and private employers for a portion of their eligible expenses for retiree prescription drug benefits. Over the years employers have slowly but steadily cut back on their prescription drug coverage for retirees. CMS introduced this program with the goal of encouraging employers to continue providing high-quality prescription drug coverage to their retirees. The nice part about this program is that it is very straightforward and there is usually little to no benefit design changes to current coverage.

Another more recent, yet temporary program that is offered to employers to help with healthcare costs is the Early Retiree Reimbursement Program. The Program was established by the Affordable Care Act, which was a part of the Healthcare Reform Bill passed in early 2010. The program provides $5 billion in financial assistance to employers to help them maintain coverage for early retirees age 55 and older who are not yet eligible for Medicare. The program will reimburse employers 80 percent of all medical costs per retiree, which includes their spouses and dependents. The cost must however be between the $15,000-$90,000 worth of expenses. Employers can use the savings to either reduce their own health care costs, provide premium relief to their workers and families or a combination of both.

Figuring out how to operate efficiently and effectively without cutting into employee benefits is a real challenge. It is becoming even more important in this economy to continue to search out and explore any available option for your organization that keeps it competitive and keeps your employees happy. There are options out there that are meant to help employers save money, for answers to questions about these programs visit

Mind Power Can Negative Thoughts Harm Your Subconscious Mind Power

So what exactly is a positive mental attitude? Are you born with it or do you develop it. A positive mental attitude is a way of looking at life. Its your outlook on life. For example, instead of seeing the glass as half empty, someone with a positive mental attitude would say the glass is half full.

Keep in mind that were negative by nature. This is how most kids are raised. And adults usually bring this negativity in their career and relationships. Your parents or caregivers constantly used negative words while you were growing up. And heres another fact, most kids will hear the word no! thousands of times before their 8th birthday. So lets look at how we can go about developing a PMA.

Drop the Negative Thoughts

Do you automatically think negative thoughts? If so, try to be aware of it first. This way, you can begin to control it. Negativism can be considered one main reason why some people just dont get what they really want. You may have followed excellent advice about goal setting. But, and heres a big but, for some reason, you still dont have what you want.

Take a moment and look deep inside. The culprit could be that you dont really believe youre worthy of what you want and still doubt your minds power. These are your negative thoughts taking over. To truly benefit from mind power, your belief should be unconditional and untarnished by any kind of doubt or negativity.

Daydreaming is For Adults

If you think back to your childhood, you may have gotten into trouble at school for daydreaming. Well now, daydreaming is critical to helping you get what you want. Its an essential part of the visualization process. It is vital that you daydream about what you will feel or do when you have obtained your goal. For example, imagine that you are enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling job, a fair boss and high income.

You may even start to daydream of what you will buy after you get a high paying job such as a new house, a car or some fun gadgets. Some mind power experts believe that is extremely important to believe that your goals or wishes have ALREADY come true.

So by dropping the negative thoughts running through your mind and by investing time to daydream, you can now begin to imagine the possibilities and live the life you deserve.

Cancer Daily Horoscope – Free Daily Horoscope

Individuals born under Jun 22 to July 21, occupy the Cancer Zodiac sign which is the fourth astrological sign. The symbol for the Cancer is a crab and its ruling planet is the Moon. According to Cancer Daily Horoscope analysis, cancer personalities have moon as their ruling planet that’s why their birthstone is Moonstone and Pearl, which brings health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Their creative nature leads them to reach heights in any field. The Cancerous are supportive, helping and sympathetic. They can’t say no to help others even if a stranger needs their help, the Cancer people do whatever they can do at their own. On the individual’s dark side, they stick to something or someone like glue and are unable to detach themselves from the same. Moreover, the cancer individuals are very emotional and keep their relationships very good and never let it go. They are very good social and welfare workers in their locality, Perhaps they are moody too as no one can impose anything on them in the work field.

They are easily impressed by those, whom they love and admire and oscillated by the need of the situation. Also, they are honest in friend relationships. The negative side of their faithfulness is being possessiveness towards their partner either right or wrong and closing ranks in suspicion and frostiness towards outsiders.

As per their Cancer Daily Horoscope, they will more involve themselves in getting things and more people will be connected with Cancer personalities at this time as it is the right time to reconnect with some of the people, they used to know. They have been working hard for quite a long time and it is advisable to them that, they should take some rest before starting new things as irregular working hours and improper eating habits could upset their digestive system. Concerning their creative and imaginative nature, they may make changes to their residence. Their creative and intuitive talents will provide them a basis to bring some unique thoughts that would certainly help them to enhance their skills in their job or in business. In addition to this, their job would be more satisfying now and the individuals will be taking the charge that it demands more than ever.

It is possible that the Cancer persons might get gifts from their beloved ones. This period is in great favor for them. They should try utilizing the same with great care and concern for long term pleasure and happiness. Their intellectual level is increasing day by day and they may become a leader at the workplace. As far as their physical level is concerned, it is just 23% so if they are expecting a busy day, they should face it calmly.

The Cancer women may notify some changes in their life style as they can feel depressed and uncertain about the future. They will be excited by an intriguing situation which looks stimulating from an intellectual point of view and very dangerous, if they are caught red handed. Their lucky color is silver so be ready to wear silver ornaments for hearing good news in respect of personal life. Along with this, they should start their new project on Friday.

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The Tibetan Zen Monk Acne And Skin Care Method

Skin care has been practiced for ages. The Egyptians were skilled at using natural products to enhance their skins. Most skin care tips are actually a product of ancient skin care tips and modern skin care discoveries.

The method of facial care you adopt can have a negative or positive effect on your acne condition. If you have acne, avoid scrubbing your face when you wash it as scrubbing it can cause a further inflammation of the acne. Acne facial wash involves gently massaging your face in the course of washing it.

Eating healthy is an excellent skin care tip. If you aren’t mindful about what you eat, you may end up with skin that you do not like. When you eat meals that are high in fat, remember to keep your fingers away from your face.

If you have high toxic levels in your body, the chances are that it will show in your skin. Stress is a major contributing factor to toxicity which can affect the appearance of the skin. One of the ways that you can ensure that your skin stays clear and healthy is to avoid stress getting the best of you.

Some people have particularly sensitive skin and may react adversely to certain skin care products. If you have sensitive skin, you should see your dermatologist to help you get the best skin care product for you.

Exfoliation is an effective acne fighting measure because it helps to grow new skin cells. Acne is a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil. To get rid of dead skin cells that constitute acne, make it a habit to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Herbal remedies for skin care are becoming more popular because of its effectiveness. Skin care anti-again remedies are effective as they produce a youthful look for you. If you have oily skin, avoid oil based lotions and go for creams that contain mineral oil or baby oils to reduce acne outbreaks.

More and more people are turning to herbal remedies to get a vibrant looking skin. Herbal remedies have been used effectively to treat skin conditions and should not be overlooked. You can set out getting a reputable dermatologist to treat any skin ailment that you may have.

Four Big Golden Retriever Health Concerns

Dogs all breeds wether mixed or purebred tend to live a good long time with healthy lives if their owners are attentive and give them routine veterinary care. Any dog purebred or mixed Golden retriever or otherwise can fall victim to health problems. Some of these might be inherited, some may come from a virus or bacteria, and some may come from a parasite.

Obviously there are other types of problems as well cancer, arthritis and the various specific hereditary problems that come with any breed. Having said that, it’s good to understand that there are actually four main categories of hereditary diseases the golden retrievers can suffer from. They are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and heart disease.

Does this sound familiar? Humans don’t tend to get hip and elbow dysplasia in the same way as dogs do, however we do get similar conditions such as arthritis. Humans and canines both can get cancer and they can both have heart problems. Let’s cover some of the specifics.

Hip Dysplasia

What hip dysplasia actually refers to is poor formation of hip joint. It’s actually a developmental disease that happens in young dogs of all breeds not just goldens. It tends to affect larger dogs more than smaller ones but if the dog is trained to be active and at work as goldens tend to do then it can be a problem that is serious and can get worse.

Certain things in a dog’s life can also make it worse. For example incorrect nutrition, rapid growth, and traumas to the general region can make the condition worse. It’s not something that’s easy to spot in a puppy because it tends to buildup over time. It can however be scanned for in breeding stock. This is done by taking an x-ray and then sending it to the OFA for evaluation. If the dog is found to have this condition, it is likely to still have a long and happy life. However it’s not a dog that should be used as breeding stock. If it’s compounded genetically it simply gets worse with every successive generation.

Elbow Dysplasia

Similarly, golden’s also tend to fall victim to elbow dysplasia. It’s not nearly as common as the hip variety, but tends to occur for the same types of reasons. It’s developmental, it gets worse with age, and if found in a dog and that dog should not be used for breeding. It can be detected in the same manner as hip dysplasia. That is to say that an x-ray is necessary and once again should be evaluated by the OFA.

Eye Problems

Cataracts are another common problem amongst Golden retrievers that have eye problems. There are hereditary cataracts and non-hereditary cataracts. Cataracts can be corrected with surgery, and sometimes though detected they may not pose any immediate problem for the dog’s vision. Sometimes however if they are if untreated the can ruin the dog’s vision. It’s important to note that a veterinary ophthalmologist should determine if the cataract is serious. If it is, the dog should not be used for breeding purposes.

Heart Disease

Hereditary heart disease is most often referred to as SAS or some subvalvular aortic stenosis. This is a heart murmur of sorts. Breeding stock should be tested for this. Basically the veterinarian is looking for some kind of murmur or funny sound in the heart. It’s something that can be passed on to the next generation and therefore if present the dog should not be used for breeding. Once again, it may not necessarily affect the immediate dog’s future or lifestyle, but should not be passed on.

There are lots of other diseases that could be talked about as well seizures orthopedic problems and hyperthyroidism. Don’t be afraid to ask your breeder about any of these things. And certainly don’t be afraid to ask your breeder to see the results of the genetic testing. Most breeders will offer it immediately anyway.

Patented Anti Aging Skin Care With Copper Peptide

Are you looking for a way to give your skin the attention that it deserves? Do you want to avoid having to get a prescription for a new age product? If so, you will want to look into the patented, anti aging skin care with copper peptide products that are offered by NCN Professional Skin Care. These are proven to help your skin in a variety of different ways. It does not matter what type of skin you have, or how bad you think it has gotten, anti aging skin care with copper peptide products may be able to help. They are at least worth a try, right?

The list of benefits that go along with patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide products is very long. Just a few of these benefits are listed below for your review.

1. With a patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide product you will be able to tighten your skin, and improve elasticity in no time at all. This will in turn help to fight against wrinkles and sagging skin. This is a big problem for people that are growing old.

2. These products can also help to clear up your skin. They have been proven to reduce skin spots as well as photodamage.

3. As you grow older fine lines will begin to appear throughout the skin on your face. Over time this is what will give you a premature, older look. You can combat this successfully by using a patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide product. These products can reduce the fine lines that you already have, while also preventing new ones from occurring.

4. Deep wrinkles are difficult to get rid of; this is a known fact. But with a patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide product you can definitely reduce the overall depth of the wrinkles. This may not get rid of deep wrinkles altogether, but it can improve the look of them.

5. With a patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide product you will be able to improve the overall look and feel of your skin. These products can smooth your skin, and give it the glow that you have been searching for.

When using a patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide product you will want to start off slowly. Remember, these products are very strong compared to others. For this reason it is a good idea to follow the directions as they are stated with your product. Straying from these may cause more bad results than good.

Overall, patented anti aging skin care with copper peptide products can help improve your skin. Giving these products a try is well worth your time.

Radconct.exe error fix- How to troubleshoot and fix Radconct.exe error instantly

Do you want to fix Radconct.exe errors instantly but have no idea what you should do? Do worry! Here, detailed instructions will be discussed to troubleshoot and fix Radconct.exe error .

First of all, you have to bear in mind that Radconct.exe file cannot be randomly deleted from the computer. If you delete it by mistake, a Radconct.exe not found or Radconct.exe missing error will pop up when you are using the computer. At this time, to fix the error, you have to search your computer to see whether you can locate the Radconct.exe file or the computer or not. If you fail, it is advised that you can copy one from another computer or download one from a safe website; and then paste it onto your computer. In this way, sometimes you can fix the Radconct.exe errors easily.

However, most of the time, why you are getting the Radconct.exe error is with the Windows registry. Once the file in your Windows registry is corrupted, and your entire computer might be serious damaged if you cannot fix the Radconct.exe error timely. But don’t randomly remove any files manually from your registry database attempting to fix this error as it is a very risky operation. At this time, what you need is a professional registry cleaner that can quickly scan, safely diagnose and fix the Radconct.exe error as well as clean up your registry at the same time.

Registry cleaner are designed to thoroughly scan the entire computer with advanced algorithm technology to detect and fix all invalid, corrupt or broken registry entries. The Radconct.exe errors are very easy to be fixed with the help of registry cleaner software.

To sum, no matter what the computer is used, it is very necessary for you to download and run an professional registry cleaner program to not only fix Radconct.exe errors, but also maintain stable computer performance. Believe me! It will return you a completely error-free computer instantly.

Is Colon Cancer Caused By Constipation Or Emotional Trauma

We know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in the United States. In 1999, of all the cancer deaths, 16% of them were colon cancer. But where did the other cancers originate – lung, prostate, breast, lymph, pancreatic, stomach? Did they also start in the colon where the colon toxin simply migrated to these regions?

Many colon cancers develop slowly over time and can be attributed to constipation. And, constipation can be related, in most cases, to past emotional trauma or experiences. Constipation that occurs over a long period of time creates toxins that continually migrate into your blood and into your body cells and tissues.

It is difficult to trace where cancers originate. Medical professionals, when treating a patient, are not really concerned with where the cancer or illness came from. They are more interested in how to treat the disease or the symptoms with drugs or surgery.

Many doctors do not go looking for the cause of your problem. They don’t have the time for this research. In fact, they normally will not tell you what you need to do to prevent your illness. Sometimes the reason they will not tell you is they just do not know.

Its becoming more a nutritionist’s or naturopathic doctor’s job to tell you what foods and supplements you need to eat to prevent and to overcome specific illnesses and what to eat to eliminate or stop constipation.

People are dying at all ages with a variety of diseases. Why is it that so many people are dying of heart diseases, blood diseases, cancers, autoimmune diseases and the list goes on. It has been know for a longtime why diseases occur and what you can do to prevent it.

These death producing illnesses are a result of how and what we eat, the type of water we drink, and the air pollution we breathe. But perhaps one of the most important causes of diseases that are seldom discussed comes from the thoughts we think.

What is it that causes our behavior? A behavior that is harmful to others or ourselves in ways that affects our health and life. Why do people smoke when they know it causes Cancer? Why do people drink coffee when they know caffeine affects their adrenal gland, which eventually leads to exhaustion? Why is it that people eat sugar or white floor products when they know it has untold health effects beyond diabetes?

The answer is simple, but many people are not willing to accept this idea. All illness originates from repressed traumatic memories resulting from early life trauma.

Dr Arthur Janov explains this clearly in his book, 1996, Why You Get Sick How You Get Well.

“Over the last thirty years I have learned a great deal about humans and what drives them. As trite as it may seem, what I have found is a single yet complex emotion called love. Not the romantic love of novels, but a fundamental love – the love of a parent for a child. When a child lacks love and nurturing, no matter how that lack is manifest, it creates pain, and if this pain is not “felt” or integrated into the system, it will in turn cause physical and emotional illness in later life.”

Changing ones thoughts, behavior, and life style is difficult to do and requires psychological help. Not too many people are willing to do this unless they are force to by life situations. Unfortunately, this is what is necessary to reduce or eliminate illness. This is what is necessary to bring on a feeling of well-being way into your old age – at 80, at 90, at 100, and well beyond that.

How many people are willing to devote the time and money to start eating the right foods and change their behavior and lifestyle? This is the first step in reducing or eliminating constipation or any other illness and for dealing with past emotional trauma.

The Effects Of Bereavement And Personal Loss On Nutrition

The human mind is a wonderful microcosm of emotions. We know that we are capable of a range of emotions. But we fail to understand the depth of our feelings until we are shaken out of our complacency. Whether you’ve fought with a friend, been dumped by your girlfriend or just fallen in love the depth of your emotions and the intensity of your passion will often surprise you. This applies to loss also. For most of us, the grieving process begins with disbelief and shock and proceeds to anger and disillusionment. Until a person is able to reach the blessed state of acceptance, there is no let up in the heat of the feelings that rage inside.

In the first year after Rosa’s death, I was ill with something all the time. It’s tough, but important to keep yourself hydrated, take your vitamins and make sure that you are eating all the things you need to, says Allison Mcknee who lost her daughter to AIDS.

Food has a curious relationship with sorrow. Contrary to what most of us think, there is much more to food than calories, nutrients and vitamins. In a way, there is something sensuous or carnal about the whole process of cooking food and eating it food stimulates all our senses and appeals to a very basic need in us. In this aspect, it has a lot in common with sexual fulfillment. Eating is also a very selfish act, in that we eat purely to take care of ourselves.

Perhaps it is because of these associated connotations that the act of cooking and eating seems almost sacrilegious when we are faced with the pain of death. At such a time, the mundane act of putting food into the mouth let alone relishing it – seems to be a disgrace. Most people cannot bear to cook at such a time. One reason would be that cooking implies a sense of well-being and contentment something that you’re far from feeling when someone close to you has passed away. Also, a person may feel unable to concentrate and plan when undergoing the trauma of a crushing loss.

In the early stages of mourning, there is a stage when physical surroundings cease to matter. You forget about food, hunger and thirst. This is perfectly normal, and almost everyone who has faced death feels this at some time or another. However, there are times when this phase of acute mental pain goes on and on. If a person refuses to eat for more than 2-3 days, his health is going to take a drastic turn for the worse. Since the body is already weak from stress and pain, the chances of illness are high.

For some people, the loss of appetite continues long after the accepted period of mourning. They find it particularly difficult to cook or eat during the festive season, probably because of the clamor of thoughts that rush in. In such cases, it is better to make a list of food that you need to eat to get you through the days, and then go shopping. When you have a concrete list in your hand, it would be easier to face the day.

Some people deal with loss in a different fashion. They find solace through over-eating and stuff themselves to get away from pain. If continued for long, this leads to the development of disorders like Anorexia and obesity where a person becomes a victim of unhealthy eating habits. Such habits that begin as a defense mechanism to cope with pain soon lead to associated psychological problems.

When you – or someone you love – is in mourning, here are certain questions that will tell you whether you are ignoring the demands of the body too much:

Are you eating regularly?
Are you skipping meals?
Are you losing weight?
Are you putting on weight?
Is your refrigerator well-stocked?
Are you shopping for empty calories and avoiding food that your body needs?

If you find yourself unable to cope, seek professional help. Remember, the loss of one life is no reason to lose another.

Healthcare IT Solutions A Win-Win for All Stakeholders

Information technology (IT) has helped change the face of many industries. It is because of IT, that many organizations have had to face a strategic inflection point in their business cycle, for the better. Sure, the change was initially difficult but eventually IT has only proved to be an excellent solution to the many challenges that an organization faces.

When it comes to the field of healthcare, industry professionals are better off focusing on their core competency, rather than channel their energies to other functions of the organization in order to ensure completion of tasks. This is the reason why outsourcing of hospital IT infrastructure is taking place across the industry. There are immense benefits once this activity is outsourced, since the hospital administration can then dedicate its focus to the patient’s well being.

Healthcare IT solutions provide benefits like the application of industry best practices, control of operating costs, ease in coordination between various functions of the organization, eventually leading to superior customer service, etc. Healthcare IT provides valuable information on a real-time basis, and patient records can be viewed by the stakeholders with ease. Outsourcing of healthcare information technology will also help the organization have an effective IT strategy in place that is in alignment with organizational goals. Also, outsourcing of IT-related services makes a lot of business sense for the organization, since upfront investments in IT and the creation of IT infrastructure is an expensive undertaking.

Medical IT is beneficial for patients, too. Electronic Health Records, which is one of the technologies, ensures that patients can conveniently access their medical reports online, thus reducing paperwork. The same reports can be viewed by their doctor which helps them make quick decisions. This can come in handy, especially during emergency situations. In cases where a patient may have to see multiple specialists for a particular illness, each of them can view the same report, once they have access to view it.

Hence, the emergence of IT in healthcare is a boon for all the stakeholders and helps a healthcare organization achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the industry.