Reduce Heart Disease Risk The Natural Way

Are you included in the millions of people that suffer from heart disease, or worse? Maybe have already had a heart attack.

At present, it is not hard to find someone who has either experienced a heart attack, been told they are at risk of heart disease or already have heart disease. It’s said to be just as common as coming across someone with brown hair. This growing epidemic is unfortunately being tackled by completely misinformed media and even many well-meaning doctors. It is known as the number one killer in America and alot of other countries too.

Combatting the risk of getting heart disease is the best plan of attack. To help you get started on a healthy heart plan, here are some useful tips

1. Give up smoking. Smoking is one of the largest risk factors for heart disease, mostly due to the added toxic chemicals in cigarettes (not that tobacco is a recommendation either).

2. Get out and walk. If finding the time to maintain a structured exercise program is a challenge at the moment, you can get started by just walking. Just by getting out and walking, there have been many reports of people strengthening their hearts and even reversing serious conditions. Find a scenic route if possible. I find there’s nothing more calming than the outdoors. I suggest whistling or singing as you walk. It brings happy thoughts.

3. Practise being calm. This just means, try not to stress over the things you don’t have to. Stress can kill, no matter how healthy your diet is.

4. Do not go on a low-fat eating plan. It may be that your heart condition can get worse if you do this. Instead, let go of the bad fats such as, hydrogenated oil and nasty oils in french fries and donuts and concentrate on healthier fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, walnuts and whole organic eggs.

5. Don’t be afraid of saturated fats. Heart disease is not caused by eating saturated fats. It is sugars, excessive refined carbohydrates and, of course, processed foods that is really making most people so sick.

You can get closer to having a healthy heart by tackling these tips, one by one, which will also lead to a lifetime of good health.

Nodular Acne Treatment – Learn How You Can Cure Your Nodular Acne Fast

Acne is a common skin disease and the severity of it can vary from person to person. One of the hardest types to treat is nodular acne. All layers of the skin are impacted by the painful outbreaks associated with the disease. Healing this type of outbreak requires special methods to soothe the lowest skin layers.

Regardless of any types of acne, it is usually due to hormonal imbalance, clogged pores and inflammation in our body. These symptoms are a call to action. Balance must be reimplemented in the body. To resolve this painful issue, we must attack it at the source of the problem.

Androgens are a major factor in the development of nodular acne. Whenever there is a huge presence of hormones like androgens in our body, it will cause our sebum glands or oil glands to be overly active. All this grease has to go somewhere, and unfortunately it commonly causes skin problems.

Inflammation triggers are another source of problems. Pro inflammatory hormones like Prostaglandin E2 causes vulnerability to inflammation on cellular level, which can lead to more acne.

Mainstream treatments fail to address the full range of causes of the disease and fail because of it. To resolve all problems causing nodular acne, a whole body approach nodular acne treatment is needed.

Although oily skin is often a symptom associated with acne, it is not the cause of the condition by itself. What actually cause your acne are the pro inflammatory hormones found in your body. Reducing the concentration of these hormones can be achieved through careful choice of food. To quench the fires of acne related swelling and irritation, GLA can be consumed. It can be found in evening primrose oil or other nutrient capsules.

High intake of starchy or sweet foods can lead to the skin pumping out more oil. Be sure to control your intake of breads, sweets, noodles and rice to prevent triggering this process.

Simply using a lotion is not enough to eliminate acne, and at best only temporarily halts the problem. Proper treatment comes from seeing the forest, and not just the trees. Eliminating each of the sources of acne, one by one, can turn things around. Nothing else can completely cure it. By following this holistic path, you will be able to heal yourself and enjoy all the benefits of healthy skin.

Gain Complete Information On All The Affordable Health Care Insurance Policies

There various sources from where we can get detailed information on the different affordable health care insurance policies. Read on to know more.

There are times when we might need to incur heavy medical expenses if either we or any of our family members fall seriously ill or meet with an accident. In such a case, if we have an affordable health care insurance policy, then we can manage all the medical expenses and provide complete treatment to the concerned person. Then the question arises that whom do we contact to gather information about the most affordable health care insurance policies?

There are various people we can get in touch with to ask about the insurance policies. First and foremost are our relatives and friends. We can ask our relatives, especially the elder ones and also our friends about the policies that they have taken. Our elderly relatives can surely give advice from their experience about the insurance policies that have helped them over the years.

Next, we can ask insurance consultants. They are professional people who work in the field of insurance and know about different insurance policies provided by different companies. We can explain our requirements to them and discuss about the members in our family and their present and past medical history. In addition, we can ask the consultants to suggest the best policy that would suit and fulfill our requirements.

The third and very viable option is to look for information on the internet. On the internet, if we do proper and intensive research, we can procure information on all the insurance policies provided by different companies and decide on the one that not only fits our budget but provides sufficient insurance coverage to us and our family members against all critical illnesses and accidents. Online comparison of different policies is possible and can help us to take an informed decision. We can read the complete terms and conditions online, fill in the required forms on the internet itself, print the documents that need to be signed and sent to the company by post or fax. The company will then accordingly provide the insurance policy at our doorstep.

We must understand that an affordable health care insurance policy is one that provides us insurance in times of crisis. We can take care of the routine medical expenses and use insurance for serious ailments and accidents. This way, the insurance premium that we will have to pay will be in our budget as well as provide us coverage in times of serious crisis.

Quit Talking And Stop The Mental Chatter All At The Same Time

Mental Chatter is something that a lot of us suffer from. I have found that it originates when we feel the need to control the person, place or situation at hand.

Example: Picture a typical opposites attract couple and in this scenario the man is outgoing and the woman is the introvert. There names = John and Mary

John and Mary would like to sell their house. Mary has a full time job and John works from home.

John likes to putts around the house and then brag about how much he gets done during the day, according to Mary.

John and Mary have sat down and prioritized the realtors suggestions on what they thought should be done to the house before listing it.

Mary is at work all day but her mental chatter is interfering with her work performance and concentration because all she thinks about is the list and how nothing is getting done, at home, by John. She calls all her friends and complains about how John never accomplishes anything he just talks and yells at her if she brings it up. She calls her mother and sisters. Then she calls John and asks what he has done and he just starts in not really answering her question at all. Her mental chatter has increased 10 fold because her friends and family continue to listen to her complain which amplifies Marys need to control John and the selling of the house situation. Also, because she calls John knowing what the outcome will be but doing the same thing expecting different results and this keeps her in the need to control feeling which in turn, once again, increases her mental chatter.

If Mary would Quit Talking, to her friends and family about John and their situations, her Mental Chatter would slow and leave room for Mary to fill the extra space in her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations. As soon as Mary starts to fill her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations she would immediately feel release, from her need to control and she would have the power of positive thinking and a positive attitude to move forward in her personal and work fulfillment.

I, Carrie, am definitely, one who felt the need to be in control of all people, places and situations. This did derive from my childhood because I was not taught consistency and discipline at a young age. Although, I was taught everything that was not done correctly and therefore learned how to control situations to go differently the next time so the option of doing it right this time was available. I have learned a lot of different ways to approach people, places and situations trying to find the right way of doing IT. Whatever IT was. We can look at all these different ways of approach as opportunities which I do or we can look at them as Mental Chatter because I was always trying to saturate the need to feel in control.

Actually, back in the day it was Mental Chatter because I would call everyone I could and complain about the person, place or situation that took place at that time. I would talk to so many people it was sick and it made me sick mentally, physically and spiritually to keep dwelling on the same things and doing the same thing expecting different results.

Once I learned how to apply Daily Affirmations, Mantra Meditations and Motivational Sayings I learned to SHUT UP. Honestly, I noticed once I stopped complaining about every other person, place or situation I did not have much to say. Bottom line is I had to learn self honesty and how to live from within.

Quit Talking and Live From Within.

Carrie Sokalski and

P.S. Do you do the following daily?:

Daily affirmations
Positive attitude
Power of positive thinking
Mantra meditation
Motivational saying

Honestly, daily affirmations changed my life. I was depressed for two years and wanted to blow my 18 years of sobriety and then I started using daily affirmations and now I have 22 years of sobriety and went off of all my medications for depression and anxiety. Be Free. I AM Free to be me!

2008, Carrie Sokalski
Permission is granted to reprint, only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged.

How Cleansing Cures Cancer Evita Ramparte’s Story

The relationship between unhealthy eating and the development of disease is undeniable. When most people get a cancer diagnosis their doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and harsh treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All of these treatments have a harrowing effect on the body opening it up to a whole host of other problems.

Holistic health practitioners, on the other hand, will often recommend detoxification methods such as cleansing to eliminate cancer from the body. Here Allison Biggar interviews European journalist and ovarian cancer survivor Evita Ramparte about how she cured her cancer naturally without chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

Allison: When were you diagnosed and what was your lifestyle like at this time?

Evita: I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the year 2000. I had a very bad diet; I felt very weak and very sleepy. I felt as if something was chewing me inside. I was unhappily married; I was in a deep depression. I would wake up at nine a.m. and open my eyes with coffee and look out the window and feel like “Oh God another day to live? No stop this train I’m getting off.”

My diet was like pizza, coke, ice cream. We had no awareness of healthy lifestyle whatsoever.

Allison: How did you find out that you had cancer?

In January I went to the doctor. On the ultrasound the doctors checked my ovaries and they were like “Hey where are your ovaries? All we see is a cauliflower of tumors.” The doctors recommended that I would have a test [to see] whether or not this was cancer and also they recommended that I would have surgery.

Allison: What did you do while you were waiting for the test results?

Evita: I went to the farmers market, got myself organic vegetables: beets, apples, olive oil, and lemon juice. I decided to make this cleanse. During this time I was not allowed to eat; I was supposed to be juicing and cleansing the intestines. It was the most horrible few days of my life. I was a sugar junkie without the sugar. I felt different emotions coming out of me. [Five days later] what happened was that I could see 16 stones come out of my gallbladder and also my skin cleared up. For the first time I lost weight. I used to weigh 180 pounds. For the first time in my life- fighting for my life- actually awakened my beauty.

Allison: So what happened when you went to get the test results?

Evita: I entered the medical office with a smile on my face. I wanted to share the joyful news that “Listen I just got rid of my gallbladder stones; my cravings have changed; I don’t crave sugar anymore; I’m crazy for vegetables; I don’t even crave meat!” I wanted to share with them- so they would share with their patients- these simple methods of becoming healthy!

They had news for me. They said, “Well we’re very sorry, you know, but you have ovarian cancer. It’s very serious.” I said, “Hold on a second. Do you know the cause of my disease?” They laughed and said, “Well we don’t know the cause. If we knew the cause we would have a Nobel prize.” And I said, “Well I do not have the Nobel Prize but I think I know what caused this: toxic diet and toxic relationships!”

Allison: They recommended you have surgery right away. What did you tell them?

Evita: I said, “I’m gonna give myself a little more time to cleanse, and continue drinking juices and eating plenty of salads and start exercising. If after four months my condition is not better then I will return here for surgery.”

Basically I went straight into- what is called today- raw vegan lifestyle: foods that are alive, that are beaming with energy. No sugar, no meat, no dairy, no eggs because they accumulate a lot of toxins on the ovaries.

Allison: And what was the result of your raw vegan cleanse?

Evita: After four months I lost about 54 pounds and I decided to divorce. I decided to free myself from the toxic relationship that I was in. When I was monitoring my condition I could see on the ultrasound how the ovarian tumors were getting smaller and smaller.

I did not focus on the disease. I focused on strengthening the liver so that it would clean the blood and take the toxins out. After four months I was diagnosed cancer-free and I went back to the same doctors and they were very, very surprised. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to believe me. They thought that I did some hormonal therapy or steroids or something else.

Allison: So you were diagnosed cancer-free! How did you feel?

Evita: As a result of it, I discovered my body. I started to enjoy exercise when before it was dreadful. When I lost weight and I got so much energy I signed up for yoga, for tai chi, aikido, and swimming because it was a joy to move.

Allison: How are you today?

Evita: Today, I live in California and I’m expecting a baby. I’m in my seventh month of pregnancy and I know that if I went for surgery and chemotherapy and radiation and things like this, probably I would not be able to conceive a child; probably I would be infertile.

Allison: Amazing. What advice would you give others who are diagnosed with cancer? What message should they take away from your story?

Evita: My message is: Try everything you can naturally before so that you never regret. Medical procedures such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and so on- they are the last resort.

Ever since I healed I am on a mission to share and inspire as many people as I can because I know that- especially with women- when they see me before and they see me now- healthy and expecting a baby- I know that they can follow in my footsteps. If there are any women out there who are sick, who are diagnosed, who are even feeling tired, lousy, depressed, who received this diagnosis “cancer,” then I am hoping that they will feel like “Ok if she did this naturally- if she cleansed, if she healed herself- then maybe I can do it too.”

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies – Details You Must Know

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy and fit body. They have high anti-oxidant properties and as such, protect against cancer and other diseases. They lower high blood pressure, and fight against heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately, we don’t consume enough of these natural whole foods. Most individuals fall way below the recommended requirement of 9 to 12 servings per day, thus depriving the body of the needed nutrients for it to function optimally.

Thankfully, some enterprising individual decided to blend together fruits and vegetables and voila! The green smoothie was born.

Green smoothies are a convenient, delicious and nutritious way to meet your daily fruit and veggies requirement. Unlike some so-called “fruit smoothies” that are loaded with sugar, green smoothies use only the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables. Surprisingly, these healthy smoothies taste absolutely heavenly and can become pretty addictive.

The immense health benefits of drinking these green smoothies are simply staggering. With a 6:4 ratio (6 parts fruit, 4 parts greens), they not only taste good, they provide the nutrition needed by the body. Consuming two to three cups is enough to give your body the energy it needs to get through the day.

Guzzling down those leafy greens will also detoxify your body by ridding your bowels of toxins. Daily consumption of green smoothies also reduces, if not completely eliminates, your cravings for sugar-rich and other processed foods. Consuming your greens this way naturally minimizes your oil and salt intake.

For those intent on losing the pounds, green smoothies are natural and healthy alternatives to meal replacement shakes whose safety is still subject, especially in long-term use. Because green smoothies are loaded with all the nutrients your body needs, drinking them in the mornings and in the afternoons when your stomach is either empty or not really full, will satisfy whatever hunger cravings you may have so you’re less tempted to pig-out on those chips or sugary treats.

The detoxification ability of green smoothies is vital to having glowing, radiant skin. When the body is able to eliminate toxins and keep the bowel moving for at least 2 times in a day with the aid of green smoothies, you can expect your skin to clear up and retain a youthful, shiny glow. And because they’re liquid, they’re easily digestible and are thus stomach-friendly. Whereas meal replacement shakes are low in fiber, green smoothies are rich in it and barring a certain adjustment period that varies from individual to individual, they help maintain regular bowel movements.

For children, introducing green smoothies to them early in life sets the foundation for establishing healthy eating habits. More importantly, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients also strengthens their bones and develops tissue essential to growth and development.

Finally, green smoothies are easy to prepare. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes and cleaning up is a cinch!

Guzzling down greens is a sure way to get your daily fruit-and-vegetable requirement. Because of today’s busy lifestyles, green smoothies are a great and easy alternative to cooking those vegetables. Not only are these beverages convenient, they bring unparalleled health benefits to you and your family.

st For Britain. A Revolutionary New Anti Aging Protocol To Be Announced Soon

Press Release – Advance notice of cutting edge new anti aging product launch to include telomere testing with revolutionary home saliva test kit.

At the website of an announcement has appeared with the following message:-“Watch this space. Announcement and press releases will be published soon!”

“A synthesis of decades of anti aging research by cutting edge scientists and put together from eclectic study by us. ”

“The protocol will include:-

FREE Telomere tests included in the cost of the Protocol
Regular telomere length measurements so that the biological aging clock can be reviewed through the period of the protocol. The telomere lengths will be measured using a revolutionary new saliva test developed by a USA scientist and currently the only test of it’s kind in the world. carried out at home with a test kit. No need for needles, blood tests, or clinic visits.

Breakthrough Anti Aging Science
This breakthrough science will involve a transdermal application based on Russian scientists work going back 35 years only recently made known in the west. This utilises an advanced telomere length maintenance peptide vastly superior to the current cycloastragenol based telomerase activator capsule products. The peptide also has properties for enhancing the pineal gland and many other cellular maintenance properties.

Researchers Only
Not available to the general public.

Coupled with other cutting edge scientific research this new protocol will be available from us only to members of the Mackenzie Protocol co-researchers club who declare themselves to be anti aging researchers. It is FREE to join the club.

The Mackenzie Protocol Club is there to provide niche anti aging cellular maintenance products plus information at the cutting edge of science involving research into such products. It is not designed to nor is it legally allowed to claim any medical benefits or to cure any disease or illness.Products suppliesd are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease. Members buy them for their own education and research into the new science of maintaining cellular balance which is not yet properly understood by many mainstream medical professionals.”

The website owner Tony Mackenzie also operates other anti aging related websites at and and was a pioneer in Britain of the cycloastragenol based HTA98 herbal telomerase activator back in 2010

Tony MAckenzie has now gone on to develop assocoiated anti aging and alternative health dietary supplements such as AStRA an adult stemcell release research product. He also distributes UF-n and BioFilam in Asia, Europe and UK on behalf of the Russian harvester and patent holder.

Dental Implants Replace Decayed Teeth

No one really ever plans on loosing their natural teeth, but it happens. So how do you take care of it? Dental implants.

Missing teeth can be lost after getting gum disease or other oral problems. Dental implants replace the missing teeth, and are titanium screws which are put into the jaw bone to replace the root of the tooth. A while after the procedure of getting dental implants, the dental implants will attach themselves to the patient’s jaw the way a natural tooth would. Then the rest of the tooth can be attached to the screw part of the dental implants, and you won’t have the problem of missing teeth anymore.

So what things make getting dental implants a good idea? There are actually several things.

Getting dental implants actually has cosmetic benefits. The surgery will leave your mouth looking younger, and after the procedure you will even have the added benefit of less facial sagging. Dental implants are also great because they mimic your natural teeth very well. With dental implants your teeth will be healthy and you will be able to eat anything you want, even things that were hard to eat prior to the surgery.

Another benefit of dental implants is that your dentist can do the surgery to replace just one tooth, or several teeth. You can even have all of your teeth replaced, if you have gum disease or other issues with oral health. If you need dental implants to replace all of your teeth, the surgery is a bit more extensive, but any good Mixillofacial surgeon will be able to give you wonderful dental implants. Oral surgeons have even refined the surgery enough to allow the dental implants to be completely comfortable in the patients mouth. The comfort factor of dental implants is one of the reasons they are preferred more than almost any other type of dental surgery.

Because of advances in technology, surgery for dental implants now has very high success rates for any oral surgeon. Dental implants are now easier to install, and are very successful. This improves the oral health for any patients who choose to get dental implants from an oral surgeon. There have also been enough advances in this surgery, that dental implants rarely cause any sort of infection, or have negative side effects.

Before a patient can get dental implants or any sort of implant surgery, the dentist needs to make sure that the patient has met oral health requirements for the surgery. The main requirement for the dental implants surgery, is that the patients jaw bone must be healthy. Other health issues must also be checked, as before any surgery. If the patient has the correct oral and other health criteria checked off, then the dentist or oral surgeon can go ahead and perform the procedure to give the patient their dental implants. There is also a checkup after the surgery to check how well the patients jaw bone is holding up to the dental implants, and to make sure that everything aligned correctly after surgery. This assessment is done using radio graphs. This way dentists and oral surgeons can check on the dental implants and predict if they are going to keep the patient’s mouth healthy.


Breast Cancer Symptoms And Treatment

The chances of surgically removed breast cancer relapsing is reduced by following surgery with radiation therapy. This therapy is important and should not be skipped if you dont want your cancer to reoccur.

Breast cancer has a 10% chance of returning in women who have been successfully treated for the cancer. However, a high percentage of the women who do not have a relapsing breast cancer have be found to have a high level of carotenoid present in their blood. With this being said, it will be wise if you start eating vegetables with high carotenoid content during and after your cancer treatments.

Its important to learn all you can learn about breasts cancer. Dont just say it cant happen to you. Whether it can happen to you or not, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of it and how to prevent it. Also, you will learn how to effectively examine your breasts for any sign of cancer. If discovered early, every woman stands the chance of surviving breasts cancer.

I know many people say breast cancer is a death sentence. I know lots of people continue to die each and every day from the illness all over the world, but that doesn’t mean you too would die because you have now been diagnosed with breast cancer. What I will tell you is this stay open! You just don’t know whether you will die. I don’t care if the doctors have told you that you will die STAY OPEN!

Cancer can hit you in any part of the body. Breast cancer is simply the type that strikes you in the chest. Some folks think that only women get this, but that is not true; men contract it also. What people should focus on is how to put an end to the disease, starting with detecting it in good time before it spreads all over the body and causes much more damage

Breast cancer is a major killer of women all over the world in general. The actual cause of breast cancer has not been agreed upon but body size, age, level of alcohol and fat content in the body are known associates of breast cancer. Therefore don’t get overweight, reduce alcohol consumption, exercise a lot and avoid fatty foods for protection against breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention has been a serious topic in research institute. Although no appropriate conclusion has been reached, it is still believed that reduction in alcohol and fat consumption and not involving in unnecessary hormone therapy can prevent the development of breast cancer.

Statistic shows that breast cancer reoccurrence is about 10% in treated patient. This deadly disease should not be allowed to reoccur. After a successful treatment of breast cancer, you should maintain a regular monthly appointment with your doctor to prevent the disease reoccurring.

Some women exercise denial of breast cancer as if they are exempted from having the disease. You must understand that no matter how you much you deny the disease, it wont make it go away ones it is there. You have to start paying attention to advises and tips on how to prevent, cope with and treat breast cancer as nobody is actually exempted from the disease.

A lot of women want to know the effect of our diet on the development of breast cancer. I’ll say since our body can be physically and genetically modified by the kind of food we eat, it is logical to believe that food plays an important role in the development of breast cancer. With this being said, you should remember that one man’s meat is another’s poison so have your doctor review your diet for it is only him/her that can say if the kind of food you eat can encourage the development of breast cancer or not.

Do you want to prevent or reduce your chances having breast cancer? If yes then you should reduce your alcohol consumption, engage in regular exercise and when you have the opportunity to, breast feed. These tips are simple but can actually save you from having breast cancer.

The size of your breast does not increase or reduce your chances of having breast cancer. The rumor that ladies with bigger breast are more prone to breast cancer cannot be more wrong. The size of your breast has totally nothing to do with the chances of having breast cancer. Do not be led into a state of paranoia by these rumors.

Self examination for breast cancer is advised to be done at a regular periods of the month. Abnormalities to check for include lumps or thickening of tissues around the breasts, pains and discharges from the breasts. If any is discovered visit your doctor and have him conduct a clinical breast cancer examination.

Before opting for the radiation treatment mode for breast cancer, you should be fully informed of the danger associated with it. Although it can prevent the removal of the affected breast, it posses danger to the other cells around the treated region. Fully know this before taking it up.

A lot of people believe that it is impossible for men to develop breast cancer. What they dont know is that no matter how undeveloped the mans breast is, it still has its own tissues. These tissues as well can develop malignant cell growth causing breast cancer. So as a man, you need to also pay attention to information on breast cancer as you are not exactly free from it.

A lot of people believe that it is impossible for men to develop breast cancer. What they don’t know is that no matter how undeveloped the man’s breast is, it still has its own tissues. These tissues as well can develop malignant cell growth causing breast cancer. So as a man, you need to also pay attention to information on breast cancer as you are not exactly free from it.

Healthcare Softwares For Every Hospitals

Lot of companies are providing the application software in healthcare management and information system, both of which are integral and critical parts of a smart healthcare system project. The idea is to bring the functions of all departments onto a unified platform from a reporting, data collation and data analysis perspective. If healthcare system is integrated and managed through a proper information and management system, then anybody can get access of it starting from primary healthcare unit to specialty centre, both from patient care and administrative perspective. In the process , it becomes much easier for the government to provide much better healthcare services. The need was already there, but only a few states have actually come up for adopting best of IT systems for healthcare.In general terms what basically these software are based on open source software with proprietary database at the backend. The software provides most flexible options in terms of reduced total cost of ownership, maintainability , vendor independency and in addition, it runs on a variety of operating systems. From an architecture perspective , it is extremely scalable and can be easily modified.
Areas like drug and material distribution, inventorying, purchasing and facility management have largely benefited through use of IT. The application also helps to standardize and define different protocols in the system as and when required. All these synchronies towards a significant enhanced quality healthcare service. Equity issues are taken care of by the public sector for those who cannot afford. Private sector is more or less differentiator. Sixty to seventy percent of work is left on the public sector. We need to increase the spending from current 4% to at least double by that. While healthcare IT spending in most emerging Asian economies has increased appreciably, yet certain developed and emerging nations are still lagging behind. Considering the global aspect, judging by the percentage of healthcare IT spending as part of overall national IT spending, Australia tops the chart , followed by China, Malaysia, New zealand, Philippines and Vietnam. The trends and spending patterns of Australia have been found to be most typical in the region, resulting in sustained growth of the market, at a pace that is even higher than many of the currently emerging economies. Public Sector institutions continue to slog or rather decay on account of lack of monitoring mechanisms, lack of management controls system and lack of accountability. In India, public health sector sees highest absentees. Still their incentives are very high. We need to have very strong management controls and IT enabled mechanism to monitor the output. Just Deploying thousands of doctors in the rural areas such as Gujarat is not enough