Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Is A Popular Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery

Many people in the world are affected with the growing problem of obesity. It is a common problem seen both in the teenagers and most of the adults these days. When the BMI (Body Mass Index) value of a person reaches 40 it is called morbid obesity condition. Over eating habits, eating junk food and lack of physical exercise lead to this condition. In fact, it also leads to other associated chronic disorders like heart diseases, diabetes, sleep apnoea, hypertension, etc, which are fatal and dangerous for any human being. Worst part of morbid obesity is that there are chances of all these diseases striking at once, thus, worsening the condition. Thanks to medical science, now there are many surgical methods being used to prevent deaths from obesity. One of the most popular and successful weight reduction surgeries to tackle morbid obesity is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

This is a restrictive type of bariatric surgery known for its excellent post operation results. It involves surgical removal of the left side of the stomach or the greater curvature. This removal results into a new and sleek banana sized abdomen. Since this surgery does not involve any reconnecting of the intestines, it is simpler than the gastric bypass or the duodenal switch surgeries.

It is a highly effective procedure as most of the patients lose 30 to 50% of their excess body weight over next 2 years. It is one of the most cost-effective options among all kinds of bariatric weight loss surgeries available today. There are many advantages of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy over other methods; like it is technically a simpler operation than the gastric bypass as no reconnection of intestines is involved. The stomach is reduced in size, but tends to function normally and digestion process is not affected. Moreover, unlike the lap-band procedure this method does not require the implantation of any artificial device like silicon band in the body.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy minimizes the chances of an ulcer formation in the abdomen. Unlike in other weight reduction surgeries, patients feel full with liquids like juices or cold drinks. It also eliminates the portion of the abdomen, which produces the hunger stimulating hormones called Ghrelin. High success rate and low risk factors make this type of bariatric surgery one of the most popular and safe solutions to treat morbid obesity. Patients have achieved excess weight loss of 60 to 90% over the next two years. Similarly 90 to 98% resolution of associated life-threatening disease is observed. There is little or no mal absorption after the operation. Many people are happily embracing the method and leading a much healthier happier life today.

Dental implants the most appreciated solution to the missing teeth problem

Though the world of dentistry came out with a number of solutions like bridges and dentures for the missing teeth problem in the beginning of the 19th century, people were unsatisfied with the results that they got from them. The removable dentures were more inconvenient because of the reason that they need to be removed in the night for cleaning. People used to face problems like eating and talking comfortably too.

The world of dentistry and the experienced dentists of it were also aware of the fact and were in search of a process, which would help the missing teeth patients in getting replaceable teeth that would be more natural and functional like the original teeth. Finally, the day came in the early 1960s, when a group of dentists came out with a solution to the missing teeth dilemma naming it, Teeth Implantation. It was a more appreciated solution than the earlier ones as it does not required too much time and was more advanced. It was explained that in dental implants, a prosthetic or artificial tooth will be fitted into the jawbone, where its performance will be almost equal to the natural teeth. The most valuable part of it was that it also provided a natural appearance, where people could smile confidently without hiding their teeth.

Today, the dental implant procedure is no more a new discovery. Every year, hundreds of implants are successfully done in institutions like Implant Solutions in Chicago. The experienced implant surgeons here suggest this procedure to be the most secured and best solution to the missing teeth problem. The total procedure of dental implants is carried out in two phases, ; the surgical phase and the restorative phase.

At Implant Solutions, whenever a patient comes with a missing teeth problem, the doctors take a 3D picture of their jaw and then decide on what type of dental implant should be placed on that particular patient. It is however, not one single doctor who carries out the entire procedure. Usually, the surgical phase is performed by an oral surgeon while a prosthodontist carries out the restorative phase. It is the total team of doctors that makes sure you get the best possible replacement for your missing teeth.

Though the dental implant procedure has a fantastic past record which states that more than 90% of the cases have been successfully completed, it is very important for every patient to select the right team doctors for his dental implants. Implant Solutions is however one of the best in the business and provides some of the most experienced doctors in Chicago. While looking for an implant surgeon, one should always consider the qualification and experience of each of the doctors in the team. Its even better to get more information about the doctors by asking them questions like: –

How many dental implants have you placed?
Where have you done your training for surgical or restorative procedures?
Will you let us see the book references or testimonials from the earlier patients?
How long has it been since you are working in this dental practice?

As soon as you get your answers, you will be able to make a decision as to which route to choose. If the answers satisfy you, you can enquire more about the total cost and the total time-length of the procedure. Its better if you do not keep any questions in your mind.

Once you have decided to undergo a dental implant and have chosen your team of doctors, you can be care free about your operation. The oral surgeons will make sure they explain to you all about the total procedure including your diet chart during your restorative stage. They will also tell you, after looking at your condition whether you can attend work or not. The doctors will take care that they give you all the necessary information you need to know.

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Acai Juice – What Does Acai Berry Taste Like

Do you know what Acai berry juice tastes like? If you are thinking about trying Acai juice for the first time, you might be wondering what this miracle berry might taste like. After resisting the advertising for many months, I decided it was time to try out this fruit from the depths of the rain forests. With Oprah and so many other famous people raving about it, I felt I had to give the Acai berry a try. I didn’t know whether to try the juice or the capsules. That made me think: what does Acai berry taste like?

Buying a supply of juice and then finding you didn’t like the taste would be annoying. So, I did some checking online. Google had plenty of information about the flavor of the Acai berry. For once, most people were in agreement.

All the descriptions I found of the taste of Acai juice were rather similar. They all describer the taste as “berry flavours and chocolate”. That sounded very exotic for a fruit. The thought of chocolate was almost irresistible. Trying to imagine the exact taste was impossible. It sounded intriguing enough to be worth a try.

Which is best Acai juice or capsules? Well I read pages of information and still don’t know the answer. Getting the answer to what the juice tastes like was easy. However, finding out whether to get the juice of the capsules was not. Acai fans are about equally divided on the question. Half say you should definitely take the Acai berry in juice form. The other half are equally adamant that Acai capsules are best.

My choice was not made exactly scientifically. I saw a special offer for Acai juice. It included free delivery; that (and the thought of chocolate flavour) clinched it. The juice arrived within a couple of days. I couldn’t wait to get started. After reading all the instructions I opened the bottle. A cautious sniff reassured me. The juice did smell of fruit with chocolate overtones. Would the Acai berry juice taste of chocolate?

Having recently been exposed to scores of advertisements for Acai berry juice, I had some ideas about its appearance. You might have noticed that some of these Acai berry juices are packaged in bottles similar to wine bottles. I knew Acai juice wasn’t going to taste like wine. I did, however, imagine it would look like red wine. Burgundy red, and chocolate flavoured was what I imagined.

My first glass of Acai juice was a surprise. It didn’t look like red wine. It didn’t even look like red grape juice. It wasn’t the clear sparkling juice of my imagination. It actually looked like muddy water. The way the juice looked didn’t put me off. “Prune colored” sounds more attractive than muddy. The cloudy appearance didn’t matter, and it smelt ok.

What does Acai berry taste like? My first sip confirmed it does indeed taste like fruit with chocolate overtones – but not in a good way. To be honest, the taste was horrible. It was not a very strong flavour. There was just something nasty about it. Fortunately, it became drinkable when mixed with other fruit juice.

If you (as I did) approach the Acai juice experience with high expectations for the fruit and chocolate taste, you will probably be disappointed. The news isn’t all bad though. I have done some more research since buying my first Acai berry juice. It seems that different brands of juice differ a lot in flavor. You might be able to find one to your taste. In any event, the taste of Acai berry juice can be improved a lot by mixing with other fruit juices of your choice. So it is worth trying different brands.

Natural Toothpaste Safer And Cheaper Way To Treat Gum Disease

If you think that brushing daily with the most expensive toothpaste can prevent mouth problems, better think again. Pricey toothpaste does not guarantee anything nor can brushing your teeth several times daily, as only specially formulated toothpaste free of chemicals effectively stop the problem from developing.

Why Natural And Specially Formulated Toothpaste Works Better?

The fact that natural toothpaste does not contain any chemicals, synthetic ingredients or detergents already makes it a good choice. But of course, the most important reason why it is better to use formulated toothpaste is that it can prevent the bacteria from multiplying and even treat gum disease on some cases.

Apart from the fact that specially formulated toothpaste contains no potentially harmful ingredients, manufacturers also, develop the toothpaste to overcome gum disease. The best thing of all, why natural toothpaste works is because the main ingredients are made of herbs and plants, use by ancient tribes for treating different illnesses such as oak barks, silver fir, yarrow, chamomile, nettle, etc.

Why Traditional Toothpaste Can Be Potentially Dangerous?

In case you are not aware, many people suffer from different mouth problems because of the wrong choice of toothpaste. So, do not be surprised that you experience frequent cold sores as some commercial toothpaste, particularly those containing detergent cause irritation.

Why Consider Natural Toothpaste with Special Ingredients If You Have Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious mouth problem, with symptoms like bad breath and bleeding gums. A condition that could affect anyone, above all older people but it does not mean that younger people are not susceptible because they can suffer from gingivitis a mild form of the periodontal (gum) disease.

Keep in mind that bacteria live inside the mouth and every time you eat and drink the bacteria can accumulate if not remove. Once it began to multiply, plaque will form around the teeth and when you still ignore the problem, it can turn into tartar and then gingivitis.

It is important that you kill the bacteria that lurks inside your mouth, before it starts to multiply. You can eliminate the bacteria when you brush your teeth with toothpaste designed to keep your breath fresh and free of plaque. Take note, commercial toothpaste will only keep the breath fresh but do not expect it to stop bacteria from accumulating or even treat gum disease.

Natural Toothpaste Is Safer and Cheaper Way To Treat Gum Disease

The problem with gum disease is that it is not just painful, irritating and embarrassing to have but the treatment can also be very expensive. If you are suffering from any mouth problems, do not expect that life would be easy because you will not just spend a great deal of money in dental services but would also have to endure discomfort that comes with the different treatments.

Now, using toothpaste to prevent and treat gum disease is a wise choice because you do not have to spend a lot of money just to save your teeth. You can safely protect your teeth with the right choice of toothpaste.

Diamond Burs And Other Dental Products Used For Dental Operations

A dental clinic can appear scary to many patients because of the tools and other instruments that surrounds the patients chair. Multiple electronic instruments supported by small hand tools are a common view that one can find inside the dentists office. Small tools with their shiny look, sharp edges and hook shape are used by the dentist to operate the denture. These tools are required to examine, explore, clean, restore and implant teeth and gums. One of the most common hand held instrument used for the teeth restoration is dental drill. Made up from materials like diamond, tungsten or carbide; this drills are commonly used to clean the remaining tooth portion from the gums, creating parallel or vertical channel inside the gums for teeth implants and shaping and sanding the teeth. Diamond burs are most used burs for dental implants and cleaning purposes compare to other materials.

In addition to identifying the cause of the dental issue and curing it, accuracy and precision are equally important. And it can be achieved with the help of the right instruments. Dental instruments can be classified based on their functions like tools for teeth inspection, clean-up and wiping, tooth removal tools and restoration tools. For more details they are explained below.

Denture Inspection Tools Multiple inspection instruments are required to properly check and evaluate the state of the teeth and gums. One of such instrument and widely used for any denture operation is hand held mirror. It is used throughout the dental procedure as it gives the detailed look of the difficult part such as behind the teeth and at the very back of the mouth and also provides reflection of light to perform dental treatment. Probes are used to check the tissue surrounding the gums and into the areas between the teeth. There are also some sickle tools available that used to check tooth decay into the depth.

Cleaning Tools These tools are useful to reduce or clean sticky plaque from the cavities and sticky yellow films from the teeth surface. Sickle probe is one of the commonly used tools for cleaning purpose but due to its sharp edges it is used with high care as it can scrape the tooth surface and bleed the gums. Instead of sickle probe, Curettes and Scalars are used to clean the tartar and plaque buildup on tooth surface. The shapes of these sharp instruments are into best match of the shape of teeth to get the best cleaning and it can reach to the most critical part like between, around and behind the teeth to get rid of even the smaller tarter or plaque accumulated there.

Tools For Tooth Removal The removal of the tooth is known as extraction and which is performed due to various reasons like cavities, plaque, tooth infections, opening of enamel and weaker gums. Different sizes and shapes of forceps are the commonly used tool for the tooth extractions. This long handled and strong grip tools are used to wiggle the tooth back and forth to loosen it from ligaments, then tear it down from the gums and pull it out. Elevator tools are used to remove the tooth from gum if a stronger tooth cannot be removed easily with the help of only forceps. This elevator acts as lever and inserted down through the gum tissue to wedge between the tooth and gum.

Restoration Tools Some dental conditions require tooth or teeth restoration, especially in the case of cavities. Restoration instruments for dentists include excavators, multiple sizes of chisels and burs. Out of these all, burs are the most important tool that is made up from diamond, carbide or tungsten. Diamond burs act as a drill head and works on different tooth conditions like removing remaining portion of teeth from the gum, shaping and sanding uneven tooth and creating parallel drill into gum for tooth fixing. They are also useful for removing stain yellow film from the teeth surface.

These all tools have their own significance for performing dental implants and removing residual like plaque and tarter. Some of them are cheaper and have longer life like forceps while some tools are quite costly and require good care while operating on denture like diamond burs. It is also necessary to use the right instrument with right size and also disinfected properly if it is re-used.

What you should Know about Verbal Warts And Dealing with Them

All warts are brought on by People Papilloma Virus (HPV). That viral makes its way into your system by way of fractures and breaks with the entire body or transmitted as a result of intercourse. There are actually almost any different kinds : well-known warts, fat-free, plantar, fillform, vaginal together with verbal. Hpv warts may be increased or fat-free, big and also smallish, smooth and rough. They may be drag colored or even pink, red or even crimson. Warts are not painful and are non-cancerous cancers nevertheless they are often crippling and very irritating as soon as disturbed.

Oral warts are generally those which are available in the jaws and tonsils. Hpv warts may appear within within the oral cavity and the mouth area. It has been found that verbal warts are usually more common amongst individuals who are identified as having HIV contamination. The reason why oral hpv warts increasingly becoming quite normal is the growing recognition involving oral together with anal intercourse. Oral hpv warts also can be purchased in little ones. An additional factor for oral warts is an unclean habits of people. Applying dental flushes and combing can help prevent.

Within this condition, rashes and humps are available in this jaws and also the butt end come to be sore. It is a distressing and may be painful way too. These kind of verbal warts are more hazardous than the many other warts. Additional hpv warts are generally on-cancerous nevertheless verbal hpv warts can lead to mouth tumor. Consequently it’s very important which the person who gained oral warts immediately confer with a health care provider and get the necessary prescriptions together with treatment options.

Verbal hpv warts are generally those which can be purchased in this mouth together with tonsils. Hpv warts may seem within inside mouth along with the lips. It has been identified that will verbal hpv warts are usually more well-known among those people who are identified as having HIV condition. How come verbal warts are becoming quite normal is an increasing acceptance involving verbal together with anal intercourse. Verbal hpv warts additionally are available in little ones. Another trigger of oral warts may be the unclean habits of people. Using jaws washes and brushing can certainly help prevent.

Sorry to say not necessarily straightforward to treat your hpv warts inside mouth. Look involving hpv warts in the jaws could be the the majority of bothersome since not like other places people can’t employ topical medicines within the butt end or get duct tapes, etc. There are plenty of treatments available for taking away hpv warts but several may be utilized in the matter of verbal hpv warts. Surgery, cryotherapy, intralesional injections of interferon leader, or anything else are some methods of treating oral hpv warts. Most of the remedies ought to be performed by the health practitioner and really should for no reason get tried in your house. The tools in the physician are generally sterilized and therefore they don’t get way for further condition. But these kind of treatments are merely short-term. Hpv warts reappear from time to time depending on the body’s defense mechanisms of the people since viral may not be removed from the body.

Hence, it is very important that we take good care together with protect by ouselves and others out of this virus. To avoid verbal warts an individual must avoid oral intimacy, use butt end washes, stay away from adjusting footwear and socks, don’t stroll barefoot, don’t discuss k-cups together with spoon with corrupted most people, or anything else.

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How To Ensure Your Dental Health On An Ongoing Basis

You brush and floss your teeth everyday and you have an excellent dental health. And this is why you don’t need a visit to a dentist.

It’s a myth. It’s important to see your dentist regularly for checkups, in addition to daily brushing and flossing. You may need a fewer visits or more frequent visits. It depends on your dental health history. But you certainly need a visit to your dentist.

So, what does a dental checkup involve? Well, there are no hard and fast rules on what involves in a dental checkup. Every dentist doesn’t operate in same way. However, it typically involves a thorough examination of your your teeth, gums and mouth, x-rays (if required), cleaning and polishing (if required) and education.

– Examination: Your dentist in Tampa will begin with examining your teeth, gums and mouth. The objective is to spot the problem areas and look for signs of a problem, such as cavity or gum disease). In case you have any visible problems, your dentist will recommend you the course of treatment.

– X-rays: Your dentist may suggest taking x-rays of your tooth that has problem to identify the exact nature of the problem and the extent to which damage to your tooth has occurred. X-rays help in looking for decay, gum diseases and problems at the roots. Taking x-rays may or may not be necessary, depending upon your dental health and result of general examination conducted by your dentist.

– Cleaning and Polishing: Technically, cleaning of your teeth is known as scaling. Your teeth may or may not require scaling. However, most people do require. Scaling is done to scrape and remove the tartar from your teeth while polishing involves removing plaque or stains by rotating rubber cup or brush.

– Education: Your dentist always educates you, whether or not you have been identified with any dental problems. In case you don’t require any treatment, your dentist will educate you on how to ensure your dental health on an ongoing basis. However, if you are detected with a dental problem, you will be guided on what treatment you’ll need and how to go ahead with it.

Sometimes, your dental checkup may involve all these steps while sometimes it’s a brief process. It completely depends on your current dental health and your dental history. But whatever is the case, make sure that you don’t hesitate in disclosing all your concerns and treatment details to your dental Tampa FL provider. It will help in identifying exact problem and the right treatment.

Once you decide to go for a dental checkup, the next step is to find a reputable dentist. Of course, there must be numerous dentists in your vicinity but it’s important to look for a qualified, licensed and experienced dentist to ensure that you get the right treatment and education. You can conduct an online research and then call up the selected dentists to inquire further. Consider their experience, qualifications, professional associations and available dental treatments and prices when making a decision.

Dental Treatment Information You Won’t Uncover In Another Place

Don’t lower crevices any time tending to your own enamel. Picking your dentist that may be befitting people is usually a part of this kind of. Select the finest dental office as opposed to the first 1 anyone match. Instead, consider this article to find ideas going people in the direction of the most beneficial dentist professionist close to you.

You should usually comb your own the teeth two times per day, yet more regularly, when required. When you ingest sugary meals along with liquids, you should remember to brush your own enamel without delay to avoid cavities.

Try to eat plants as opposed to dry fresh fruit to defend your teeth’s well being. Dried out fruits twigs in your enamel, subjecting those to a lot more sugar as well as leading to more cavities. Should you should eat dehydrated fruits, always wash, floss and wash it out asap following having so you reduce the chance associated with cavities.

If you floss, never be worried about the quantity you utilize. Approximately 20 inches width is an effective length for you to floss all your jaws. Once you try this, perspective your floss all-around each of your respective center palms. Allow for any 1″ time floss for each area between enamel.

Be sure you are not struggling with dry mouth. Saliva is usually a organic safeguard towards tooth cavity triggering bacterias in addition to periodontal ailment. Many people endure dried out lips as a result of a number of prescription medication unwanted effects yet others on account of worse problems. There are numerous of goods readily available to assist you to keep saliva creation going or even help you change the actual saliva entirely.

Include your current pearly white’s tested 2 times yearly with a dental office. Dental cleanings tend to be something that are essential. It is best to acquire standard examinations in the dentist so that you can prevent cavities through transpiring.

If you are at the moment going through a new enamel whitening schedule, you’d be smart to avoid refreshments along with foods which could discolor the teeth. Your energy will likely be destroyed when you go back to the awful practices. Thus, create a cognizant hard work to switch ones eating habits to aid avoid soiling.

Consuming if you are not really eager not only gives excess weight, although can also increase ones chance regarding cavities. Should you snack each day, anyone reveal your current teeth to additional cavity-causing bacteria, sugars and also acidity. As a result, it is best to consume as long as you happen to be keen to be able to protect the oral health.

To keep ones tooth healthful along with decrease medical concerns, which can happen as a result of bad dentistry care, be sure to receive recurrent check-ups and cleanings. It really is generally recommended of which cleanings always be appointed a second time annually. As well as a brighter look, regular cleanings make it possible for this dentist professionist to gauge the oral health on an constant time frame.

Question your family and friends that you know regional what dentist professionist they propose. Recommendations comments and also personal encounters are often the most beneficial warning involving the products function you may expect from nearby dental practitioners. Check out on-line opinions along with community focused community forums at the same time intended for other peoples ordeals.

For anyone who is thinking about getting a tongue or perhaps a top piercing, you have to know that this trend may have harmful side effects on your pearly white’s along with gums. Any precious metal piercing may break some sort of dental badly in addition to which has a piercing rub on your own gums consistently will certainly cause them to become irritated.

Floss daily. Surely a person notice this kind of on the dental office typically; on the other hand, a lot of people neglect to take this assistance. You simply can’t make use of brushing as well as gargling by itself. Flossing facilitates do away with meals dust relating to the the teeth. It will in addition create your enamel white in color along with enhance gum health and fitness.

Once your infant can be six months aged, it really is time period because of their first dental professional visit. This specific commences these individuals with respect to good dental health by means of examining the actual gums in addition to planning anyone intended for teething. Carry these people rear each half a year for the rest in their youth and they’ll not have dental concerns.

If you’d like lovely tooth, you need to avoid smoking cigarettes. Smoking adversely affects your overall health insurance and your dental health, consequently contemplate quitting in the event you smoke cigarettes. There are numerous approaches which you can use to assist you give up smoking. Talk to your medical doctor in relation to quitting, and locate a support class locally if you need help.

You’ll want to pick a great dentist professionist. Understand what pick the right, you may pay out a lot for that conclusion. Always review the information you’ve only discovered along with you’re positive to obtain the best dental practice close to.

The Effectiveness Of A Tens Unit

For those who suffer from chronic pain, there are few solutions that provide relief. One of these is what is known as a TENS Unit. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and the idea behind the unit is that through electrical stimulation of the nerves the pain can be dulled and kept under control. This has been used for chronic lower back pain, tendonitis, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

The unit works by sending electrical impulses to the nerves via electrodes that are placed on the skin in the area of the pain. The electrical impulses that are sent stop the pain impulses from getting to the brain and they also trigger the body to release chemicals that act as natural pain killers, including endorphins and encephalons. The electrodes can be set to different frequencies.

It is true that many people suffering from chronic pain have found relief from using a TENS Unit. However, there are some drawbacks. First of all, as with anything that is applied to the body as a medicinal treatment, the results will vary depending on the person. A TENS Unit may be more effective for some people rather than others, depending on the person’s own physiology and on the location and severity of their condition.

In addition to this, the TENS Unit must be used for increasingly longer time as time goes on. While at the beginning five minutes may be all that is needed to find relief that time will increase until a person may need a half an hour at a time or more to get the same amount of relief. That relief may also not last for as long a time after prolonged use and the TENS Unit may need to be used more frequently.

Of course, when suffering from a chronic condition, any relief is welcome. Before a person is approved for the use of a TENS Unit, their doctor must give them a physical examination to ensure that there are no health conditions that would be made worse by the use of a unit. It is also important to note that a TENS machine will not cure any condition, only offer relief. However, it is a safe method of pain relief and does not require the use of drugs or invasive procedures, which might even make it a first choice for many people. It is relatively inexpensive and will give much needed relief to those who need it.

To find out more about obtaining a TENS unit to relieve your pain, you will want to talk to your doctor. Only he or she will be able to evaluate if your condition warrants one of these machines. They will also take into account the medications you are using, your lifestyle, and whether or not a different course of treatment could be more proactive.

While having a TENS unit is not for everybody, it is also worth finding out if it appeals to your certain situation of pain.

Gnathos Presents Online Orthodontic Training For Health Professionals

Dentistry is a unique area of health care. Delivering dental treatment typically includes very close in your face contact with a patient while invading their body cavity (inside their mouth). In addition to that the patient is typically awake, gazing into the dentists eyes and face very close contact. And, many people are apprehensive and nervous making the entire process daunting for both patient and dentist.

Dentistry is a type of microsurgery and by necessity dentists must be skilled with their hands. This includes the ability to transfer what they see needs to be done into actual manual dexterity. In order to apply to an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited school or college, students must first complete a four-year undergraduate college degree, which satisfies admission requirements to dental school. As well, its necessary to have better than average scores on the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT). These days competition for admission to dental school is fierce, requiring very good grades. Most, but not all dental schools require four-year curricula. Next, dental students may apply for additional training in general dental practice residencies (GPR). These programs offer various training time frames, may be hospital based and typically involve rotating through the various dental specialties.

Orthodontics is one of those specialty dental areas. Defined, Ortho means straight and dontics refers to teeth. After completing dental school an additional 3 years of specialty education is required. Orthodontic residency class sizes are small and exclusive with only 4 6 students admitted each year. In addition to treating patients, orthodontic residents study human facial growth, facial type analysis, orthodontic history, craniofacial anatomy, jaw function and dysfunction (TMJ/TMD), management of complex dental and surgical cases, craniofacial anomalies, dentofacial aging, as well as the complex area of orthodontic mechanics.

After graduating its essential that orthodontists keep current with the latest advances in the specialty. As well, each State has specific and mandatory continuing educationrequirements. In that regard, the individual person knows their best learning environment. Some prefer the classroom or study group with live feedback and camaraderie. Others are more solitary preferring journals and textbooks. Now, we have the option for 24/7 orthodontic education on the Internet. Here, Ive discovered that the on-line consumer of education prefers face-to-face contact with the presenter. Of less appeal is the fly on the wall internet experience where the person logging in feels more like just another face amidst the great unwashed. With that in mind I developed, a format that offers a more engaging, personalized experience where Im speaking one-on-one to the viewer. The site is available to all interested health care providers including the exceptional employee.